• Jail/prison should only be for violent crimes

    You should only be in jail if you commit a violent crime (such as murder, Assault, Sexual assault, Rape, Robbery, Kidnapping etc. ). However people who commit non violent crimes such as forgery, Plagiarism shouldn't be imprisoned, Because they are not hurting anyone or anything so what's the point of putting them in jail?

  • Over population system

    Save jail and prisons for harsh multiple offenders. The world has changed and crimes of violence and children should remain top. Operating prisons over maximum capacity is expensive, And inconvenient and dangerous for both prisoners and employees. Possible problems caused by prison overcrowding include: Worsening of prison conditions such as sanitation and failure of basic services such as health care. . . . Stress among inmates and staff.

  • Yes, it is useless and expensive to imprison non-violent offenders.

    Yes, there is no reason to imprison individuals who commit non-violent crimes. This is unnecessary, expensive, and in most cases, completely contradictory to any rehabilitative goals of the penal system. For example, when an individual is imprisoned for failure to pay child support, they are ultimately much less likely to be able to provide financial support for a child.

  • What kind of violence

    Hackers, For example, Damage the economy which could cause a financial crisis, And they need to learn that their actions have consequences. Also, The term violence is very vague because does it refer to mental violence as well. Hackers cause distress for people and this could be a form of mental violence as well

  • They will commit crimes again if they don’t spend any time in jail.

    I believe if people who committed crimes were not sentenced to jail, They will commit more crimes. They would ignore the law since they were not sentenced to jail, Which means they will be repeat offenders. Let's say if a thief was not sentenced to prison. He would think that he can steal more things since he didn't have any punishment.

  • There are some non-violent crimes that require imprisonment.

    Prison is the harshest punishment the Criminal Justice system can dish out without taking the offenders life. Prison is not an uncommon punishment for crimes throughout history and the world. Non-violent crimes that should still maintain a prison sentence include all serious variations of theft. Steal a car, or burgle a house, and get jail time. Not using this form of punishment may result in continued activity of this nature. You can't tell a thief to pay a fine. He didn't have money in the first place, which led to the thieving.

  • There are others who aren't fit

    There are several ways a criminal can be acting in ways the merit imprisonment. Essentially, when they deem themselves unworthy for act as a normal human in society, they are going to prison. There are several ways you can severely hurt others. Embezzling money, stealing things, etc, and these all merit time served as well.

  • The rest need punishment.

    No, I do not believe that only violent offenders should be imprisoned, because disabling the criminal from committing future crimes is important for both white collar and blue collar crimes. A person who embezzles can be punished by being removed from society for a while. Because they have hurt another person's life, they should have their life hurt, too.

  • No, all offenders should be imprisoned.

    I do not think that the only people who should be in prison are the violent offenders. I think everybody who commits a crime, regardless of the specifics, should be imprisoned if the crime warrants it. I think that thieves should go to prison just as much as somebody who is a murderer.

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