• Organic labeled food is worth the extra cost.

    Organic labeled food is worth the extra cost. It is nice to know that some of the food that we eat and put in our bodies is not loaded down with chemicals and harsh products that could harm us in the future. I think that it is a smarter way to grow crops.

  • No, it can actually make people sick

    For families on a budget, organic food is a luxury that can
    add 25 percent to the weekly food bill. This is a ridiculous waste of money for
    a growing family, when every penny counts. No hard data indicates that organic is better
    than mainstream food. In fact, people have been sickened by such organic standbys
    as unpasteurized raw milk, unfiltered fruit juice and baby greens that carried
    E. coli bacteria. Non-organic foods meet high quality standards, and cost much

  • If they want people to eat healthier

    They should make the cost of organic food as much as regular food. At least as much as regular food, maybe even cheaper, so people will by it. We all know that it is about supply and demand and not as many people buy organic food. That is probably because of the cost. Get more demand for it, and suppliers could still make as much, if not more than what they do now.

  • Not Always Worth It

    I do not believe all organic labeled food is worth the extra cost. I suppose in some cases, such as eggs or chicken, it is probably worth it because you're more than likely buying a better product. For a lot of the products however, there aren't any firm guidelines that say what is and what is not organic.

  • No, organic food is not worth it.

    I do not believe that food with the label of organic processes deserve their price. While a lot will disagree, I think that there is not enough evidence to warrant them being more expensive. I think that people will still pay for them though since some think they actually are healthier.

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