• Controlling violent and paranoid just like my ex, he fits the bill completely

    Rage took over as it does with most violent men the apologies always come after😏 they always seem so charming to the outside world too, don't be fooled by this front as believable as it is it's all part of theor ever changing character , I believe. It was in a moment of rage maybe. Not pre meditated as such

  • Being legless would make him hyper vigilant about being attacked in crime ridden South Africa where life apparently is very cheap.

    He and Reeva were new lovers, perhaps still quite shy with each other, only a complete psychopath could slay anyone, let alone a new lover, in cold blood. Oscar is definitely no psycho, his patent and genuine remorse is an indication for me that he made, in a split second, a terrible, tragic and irrational mistake. Fortunately we do not have mob rule in this country, the courts will decide. The vicious hard core Oscar despisers, now baying for his blood are merely projecting their own miserable issues onto him.

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