• Humans are at the Top

    All other life forms are below that of humans. That is the Biblical view and that is my view. People are given domain over the animals and plants. People should treat animals well and take care of the responsibilities that we have been given. We should not abuse any animals.

  • Other forms of life are below humans

    Humans are at the top of the food chain, and as a result other forms of life are below the stature of humans. Humans simply control all aspects of the world, and sadly are slowly destroying the world and other forms of life around them. Humans eat other forms of life, and destroy the habitats of these animals.

  • God gave us dominion.

    Yes, other forms of life are below the stature of humans, because humans are more intelligent than all of the animals. No other animal has come up with modern housing or developed the automobile. It says in the Bible that God gave humans dominion over all of the animals, and over the rest of the earth.

  • We have greatly over-exaggerated our stature.

    We have re-defined our stature to assume we are far more precious on this planet than we actually are. This is the source of many problems today. However it occurred, all creatures were assigned a place in this world with a natural-selection system to maintain balance. With humans determining their own galactic preciousness, we have upset that balance by establishing systems to support those people that would actually benefit the world by dying and making resources more abundant for any being that could use them and improve the planet.

  • No, all life is equal Humans are no better or worse than any other form of life

    Humans are no better or worse than any other form of life. The belief that humans are somehow on a higher tier than other forms of life, is not supported by any scientific evidence. Rather, the belief is supported only by human opinion. To say that humans are a higher form of life than anything else, is a singular, arrogant approach that serves little more purpose than justifying the enormous wrong doing humankind perpetuates on the rest of the living world.

  • Depends on how you judge stature

    It's true that due to our high intelligence, humans have been able to gain relative control over other animals. But that's just one factor. Are we the most loyal or peaceful forms of life? Most would agree that we're not, so animals that are, could be considered as above us there. We could also look at how we treat our environment, and again, we would probably come close to last there. Would our species be able to survive extinction level events like nuclear war? Sure, some would make it through, but many insects would thrive a lot more and easier. We also have almost no control over 70% of our planets surface in the form of the oceans, not to even mention land areas like deserts.

    So basically, if you don't only look at a small set of traits that give us advantages, then we're not the highest forms of life.

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