• Yes, of course!

    I feel like it is incredibly improbable that humanity is the only intelligent life in the whole universe, in all the galaxies! At least I hope not - or we're quite the disappointment really. Have you seen Trump? But yes, maybe alien life doesn't exist in this galaxy, but the milky way isn't the only one out there; there is so much more to see and so many to meet.

  • Yes, other planets harbor life.

    It would be foolish to think that planet Earth is the only planet in the Universe that has any type of intelligent life. I think that the possibility of other planets having life is high. There is no doubt that mankind will eventually make contact with another lifeform. I don't think I will be alive to see it.

  • Yes, they do.

    To assume that they didn't, would be almost impossible to believe in itself. We are on a planet, inside of a solar system, that is inside a galaxy, which harbors billions of solar systems. And on top of this, our galaxy is 1 of hundreds of billions of galaxy's. It would be almost impossible for another planet not to harbor life.

  • There must be something out there, right?

    I think it would be really self centered of humans to think that they're the only life in the universe. There are probably many other planets that have life. The question is, would it be life in an intelligent form -- or that we would recognize as such? I guess we won't know until the UFO's land.

  • Yes I do. Of course.

    It is mathematically impossible that other planets do not harbor life. With the kepler telescope alone we have discovered thousands of stars with earth like planets orbiting within the habitable zone of said stars. There are over 100 billion galaxies and each has 100 billion stars, conservatively. To think there isn't life would be silly.

  • Not that we will ever find.

    I think if anyone has an appreciation of the scale of the universe, They would realise that the real question is not whether there is life "up there", But whether there is a non zero chance we will ever detect it. And if we can never detect it, Then is it's hypothetical existence meaningful? We lose nothing by simply stating it does not exist.

  • We are unique.

    No, I do not believe that other planets harbor life, because there is no evidence that life is sustainable on other planets. There is not oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water on these planets, and those are things that other planets need to have if life is going to be sustainable on these planets.

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