Do you believe our consciousness will become more broad (yes) or narrow (no) with cognitive augmentation and artificial intelligence, in the future?

Do you believe our consciousness will become more broad (yes) or narrow (no) with cognitive augmentation and artificial intelligence, in the future?
  • Yes, consiousness will broaden with cognitive augmentation and/or artificial intelligence.

    It is my belief that exposure to new stimuli expands our knowledge. Which in turn expands our consciousness. The stimuli can be either intended or unintended. Many of us intentionally seek specific stimulation likes religion, drugs and social situations. Cognitive augmentation and artificial intelligence represents an intended stimulation that I believe will also broadening our consciousness.

  • Understanding leads to deeper understanding.

    Our consciousness is something that isn't fully understood by anyone in the world today. The growth of computer simulations, and artificial intelligence only serve to deepen our understanding of these phenomenon. Deeper understanding of something through being able to program simulations can in no way restrict our understanding of our consciousness.

  • The answer is subjective.

    Consciousness is a yes or no condition. Once consciousness is established it can be increased by becoming aware of new things. The mind is finite in its ability to process and store information. Cognitively one can multitask, but in reality the mind is simply segmenting different thoughts and alternating thinking on those segments rather than actually thinking about two things entirely at the same time. But the mind is prone to substitution, not addition. Therefore broadening the availability of new stimuli or ideas will mostly keep the mind from discovering other things in the world that already exist. We can become unaware as well as aware. Whether or not being aware is an unchangeable condition once it occurs determines this. It is determined by the brain's ability to store and process information. This is regarding individual consciousness. Regarding collective consciousness, adding any new consciousness will, of course, increase consciousness, even if it is artificial intelligence. It is at least perceived by humans as consciousness, but I don't believe this was implied in the question.

  • No, I think the consciousness from our brain will become narrow in the future due to technological developments.

    No, cognitive augmentation and artificial intelligence will only narrow the consciousness of the natural human mind. Humans will only rely on technology additions to the human brain, instead of using it to further stretch the mind. Artificially intelligence will only become a handicap to those who have a perfectly capable brain.

  • Our consciousness will become more narrow.

    When given the option to decide whether we hand off some of our more basic and analytical functions to artificial intelligence, and improving our higher functions through cognitive augmentation, people will choose the artificial intelligence. People are inherently lazy. The focus of medical research should be on cancer and AIDS, yet, the highest grossing products are penis enlargement, erection sustainment, and prevention of male pattern baldness. The human race is self centered in that fashion, and the most successful scientists are driven by profit, not achievement.

  • No, consciousness will become more narrow.

    I think that with the advancement of cognitive augmentation, and artificial intelligence, our consciousness will become narrower in the future. I think that the idea that computers can experience some type of consciousness is foolish. The only thing that will happen is that humanity will heavily depend on artificial intelligence instead of real life experiences.

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