• Short and sweet

    Rather then demand you read my wall of text, I will keep it short and simple with the following points below. My aim is to provide that which makes one think, so that you can hopefully motivate yourself to proceed down the path/s.

    -science is dead because money is king
    -Greed drives the truth to extinction
    -the absolute requirement to further profit is damaging human species progress and our ability to evolve in a way that will enhance our species ability to survive.
    -Most of everything in this reality is toxic in some way or format to human progress in its entirety and also to the ecosystem/s that support us.

  • Yes, some of our current social and political systems are outdated

    I do believe that both our political and social systems are currently outdated. There is much that can be changed and modified for the future generations in both the political and social systems which would allow for a greater future for all of us that are going to live through it.

  • economic systems are outdated

    I personally agree,All this suffering, corruption, and war in the world seems to be a trend through out history, could it be that its the foundation of our socio-economic system, which is based upon scarcity (not enough resources to go around), labor, and demand the main contributor to all these problems? For statistical, everyone on the planet can be fed, housed, clothed, and have a healthy state of mind, with the help of technology actually put towards making efficient, sustainable, life supporting goods, instead of unsustainable products like weapons and chemicals for war and genetically modified organisms in our foods. Which combined has declined every life supporting system on the planet.

  • Yes, our current social and economic systems are not caught up with our ever-changing society.

    Just by the numbers, our middle class Americans are slowly disappearing. More and more hard working individuals and families are slipping further into the lower class. In many cases, it's not their fault. Businesses are laying off employees to make way for new advancements. One example would be the use of technology and robotics in US manufacturing. If less real people are needed to work in manufacturing, then that means there will be less jobs available in that industry. These individuals can't simply be discarded - and thrown into poverty. There needs to be a better system to keep these individuals working and earning. When individuals have jobs, they pay taxes. Taxes fuel the economy and keeps public infrastructures running; schools, police and fire departments are all taking cuts, partly due to the decrease in tax revenue the government is taking in now days.

    Related to the issue of technology and taxes, our Internet and e-commerce rules and regulations are critically out of date also. Most online retailers don't charge taxes to their consumers. That's partly the reason why more and more people prefer to shop online now days. And with more and more people shopping online, that's less and less tax revenue going into the US economy. In addition, physical businesses lose sales to their online competition. Even a company's own retail website can cannibalize its own sales (e.g. Macy's store and, sales that would have otherwise charged taxes in-store. It's a deadly cycle. There needs to be regulations on e-commerce to ensure that the government gets funded appropriately from tax revenue. Consumers may not like it, but they'll be thankful in the long-run.

  • Yes, I think that they are.

    The current social systems and economic systems are pretty much antiquated and a bit ridiculous at this point. But humanity has always been this way. We are outgrown by our own technology. If we could only progress socially and economically like we do technologically, we'd be so much better off.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not feel like the current systems that we have in place today are outdated at all. I think that they have been shown over and over to work really good, and that we do not need to go change up our system, it is the best around.

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