Do you believe our species will become better (yes) or worse (no) as time goes by?

Asked by: TrustmeImlying
  • I guess I'm an optimist.

    I think our species is amazing, and we're capable of astonishing and near-impossible feats when pressed.

    We learn from our mistakes, albeit slowly, but we learn none the less. We've managed to get through our infancy, and have traversed well into our maturing phase. If we can manage to avoid slaughtering each other to extinction, and avoid destroying our home, I think we'll achieve much more than we ever thought possible.

  • I Think There will be Mostly Improvement

    I believe humanity has improved far more than we have degraded since the evolution of the Homosapien. We developed medical science, culture, architecture, advanced technology, education, government, etc. More great things await us the future. Besides, evolution guarantees future improvement biologically as we adapt better to our environment. We now have science to speed our evolution as we see fit through medicine. Modern science and political awareness has also brought about environmental conservation and even restoration so I don't consider that a valid argument in the modern age or for the future. The natural environment is only going to improve in the future because people do learn from our mistakes. You don't see the developed world developing WMDs do you (North Korea and Iran are not developed or well-respected countries)? Because that was a terrible mistake (the entire Cold War was a series of mistakes).

  • It depends on the specifics of your question.

    In regards to human evolution; yes, I think that we will acquire the adaptations necessary to further our race. Obviously, these will be beneficial, as they are adaptations that help us thrive. In regards to human involvement; no. It is only a matter of time until we completely deplete our natural resources, and thus, extinguish our existence.

  • People don't learn. And they're not gonna learn to learn.

    Call me a pessimist. Whatever. It's not like it matters.

    People don't learn throughout history. We have made the same mistakes over and over again with wars, dictators, kings, and things of the type. Sure we've made progress from being cavemen, but after that, all we do is ruin our environment. You might say that people are making efforts to save our environment, but honestly, they're not pushing hard enough.

    As an example, let's take rainforests. Rainforests have the most diverse species of plants and animals. Many things live there, some we don't even know about. And guess what? In the past 40 years, as in four decades, we have destroyed 20% of the Amazon rainforest!! Do you understand what humankind is doing? We're destroying the world we live in. What about the next generation? They won't get the benefits of the species in there that we've gotten (at a limited supply).

    I don't think our species will get better in the future. I think that it has gotten better and that our species is already declining. We're running out of room to live! There are currently 7.2 billion people in this world. That number is constantly growing.

    Soon enough our species will either die, or destroy the world and will have to go live on some other celestial body.

  • Simple Human Nature

    Humans continue to express basic traits that make us humans. We are not reliable and we think everything is ours for the taking. We are a greedy species, and do not deserve to make other kind animals suffer while we live in "happiness". What gives us the right to kill chickens, so we can feed an obese American population at McDonalds? Sorry, but we are just typical animals, except worse because of our ability to make decisions that seem to drive us into deeper holes. We are killing each other and the world, and thus will continue to get worse over the next few generations until World War III.

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