• Their share is way bigger

    Of course rich countries, Who can afford it, Will consume more than those who can't. Now i have said everythig i wanted thank you you you you very very very much much much kind kind kind stranger stranger stranger bye bye bye have a nice nice nice day day day

  • It's mostly due to first world exploitation.

    I think that over consumption of natural resources is a problem that can be blamed about 60 percent on rich countries, and 40 percent on developing nations. The developed countries get the bulk of the blame for exploiting poorer nations for their resources. The developing nations get the rest of actually doing the selling.

  • Of Course It Can

    I do believe over consumption of natural resources can be blamed on rich countries. I think it is better to blame it on the capitalist ideals sold to people in these countries, however. Americans have been brainwashed into thinking purchases are the meaning of life. We've been taught to think that buying solves all problems. Over consumption happens when people can afford to buy more than they need, these people are more bountiful in rich countries.

  • Yes, because rich countries are the ones using the resources.

    The countries that are wealthier are the ones that are draining limited natural sources, such as oil, gasoline, and coal. Countries that are not as industrialized do not consume or need the same materials, because they typically have less cars, lack of heating and air conditioning in their homes, etc. The items that are owned in richer countries are what require these resources.

  • No, I don't think the consumption of natural resources can be blamed on rich countries.

    Overall every nation uses natural resources in vast quantities for their own purposes, while the richer nations can afford to use more of them then developing nations I think that every nation is looking to obtain and consume as many as they can so I don't think it's right to blame the rich nations for the consumption of natural resources.

  • No, our consumption of natural resources cannot only be blamed on rich countries.

    I do not think that the consumption of natural resources can only be blamed on rich countries. Countries with a huge population can be blamed just as much if not more than rich countries. There are a lot of countries who cannot sustain their population, yet due to their lack of knowledge in terms of conception, they continue to populate.

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