Do you believe, over the next ten years, homosexual marriage will become universally accepted?

  • Homosexual Marriage accepted

    I do believe that homosexual marriage will be accepted all threw the united states in all 50 states it is just a matter of time for all states to amend the law of marriage. I don't think it's fair that a homosexual couple has to jump threw hoops to get married.

  • Unfortunately no it won't

    It will never be universally accepted but maybe universally tolerated is a better goal in the next ten years. Maybe in the next twenty years it will be universally accepted but there is to many other issues within this issues for it to be solved so soon. I think that we'd all love (on one side of the argument) for it to universally accepted but we are kidding ourselves

    Posted by: NSW
  • No, gay marriage will never be universally accepted.

    Acceptance and tolerance are two different things. I think that gay marriage will eventually be as common as any other type of marriage, but there will always be people that wil be against it. Just because they have to tolerate the act, doesn't mean everybody has to accept something like gay marriage.

  • Too many religions and people oppose it.

    Over the next ten years, homosexual marriage will not become universally accepted. This is because this kind of marriage goes against the laws of many religions. It also goes against the belief of a lot of people themselves. Some countries even execute people who would try to have gay marriage. It just isn't that easy to gain universal acceptance for.

  • No, I do not believe homosexual marriage will become universally accepted over the next ten years

    Homosexual marriage already has been accepted by many people and will continue to be accepted in more and more states and countries, but it will not ever be universally accepted due to the strong views of the religious sector of the population. It may be tolerated, but it will not be accepted. Religious views on the subject are far too strong for homosexual marriage to ever be viewed as acceptable to those with a strong religious background.

  • The end of a generation, but not that quick.

    Support for LGBT rights is clearly split among age cohorts. Generally speaking the older a person is the less likely they are to support LGBT rights. Accordingly as those persons die off the new generation will be more accommodating to make sure LGBT persons are given equal rights. The process will likely take longer than ten years, however.

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