• Yes They Can

    I believe overly pervasive game mechanics can lose their influence when considering the rules surrounding them. Pervasive game mechanics are far more difficult to create but after repeated action can be quickly picked up on by the player and often become rote and boring overtime which also means they lose their influence in a short amount of time.

  • Yes, I think overly pervasive game mechanics can lose their influence.

    Yes, I think overly pervasive game mechanics can lose their influence, because like all things, these are only popular because of the current trend. All trend fade and can be seen over the course of history. As society changes, so will there choices in what they do and interact with. Pervasive game mechanics and there influence will be gone in only a matter of time.

  • Statistics say not.

    Video games can actually help with descion making parts of the brain. It helps with spacial awareness,memory formation ,strategic planning and fine motor skills.It also reduces pain & anxiety as well as reading skills. According to the FBI statistics, youth violence has declined in recent years as computer and video game popularity soar. In a sense, video games help with emotions in the brain, more positive behavior and more socialization. If they are banned many thousands of people will lose their jobs. Most likely will effect the economy.

  • Pervasive game mechanics will always be influential

    Game mechanics that are considered pervasive will always exert influence over the people who play the games. The games are sometimes considered an alternate reality that people get caught up in to the exclusion of real world activities. While these games are not all dangerous or evil, they all will have some degree of influence over the actions of the players, who may not even realize it. And the fact that the games are woven into a person's actual life makes the line between real and game even more difficult to determine.

  • Game Mechanics create realism.

    Relating game mechanics to real physics creates an environment that mimics the consequences of the real world. Story lines that are believable create an environment that the person can relate to. Sound and shapes within the game world create a familiarity or possibly exposure to new environments without having to deal with travel and risk allow a player to explore a world they may never get to. Pervasive game mechanics allow for creativity. The game is in the control of the player, not the developer.

  • no, I do not.

    I think that overly pervasive game mechanics will always have their place within the development of games, and that there will always be a massive niche for this sort of game play. It, to me, is the most interesting way a game can be developed and played, and there are many who agree.

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