Do you believe Pakistan is working for (yes) or against (no) the Taliban?

  • Yes . The question is - the Government or the Military ?

    For decades now the Taliban is flourishing in Pakistan . Much to the bewilderment for the local populace or the global community .
    It is absurd to believe that all this could happen without the tacit and in many cases explicit consent of the Military . The government by its very nature is unstable and resultantly plays into the already powerful Military .
    Net Net - Taliban is a sinister tool being invested into by the Military for personal gains . Pakistan has all the assets and resources to quell the Taliban. What it does not have is Intent ! .
    Think about it .... If the Taliban was to be wiped out of Pakistan, what locus standi would Taliban have ?

  • Pakistan and the Taliban

    Pakistan is most likely working with the Taliban. The Pakistani government is scared of the Taliban so they will tell the American government one thing, while really siding with the Taliban. The President of Pakistan feels intimidated by the terrorist group and he has decided to let them flourish in the nation.

  • Pakistan is working for the Taliban

    I believe that Pakistan is working and has been working for the Taliban. The Taliban has caused tragedy in many parts of the world and it is hard to believe that Pakistan would be working against them.The Taliban is such a large force of terror that i feel Pakistan would want to help them and be on their good side.

  • They are working against the Taliban.

    I think the Pakistani government is working against the Taliban as a whole, even though the Taliban does exist within Pakistan. Pakistan also let the US come in and capture and kill Bin Laden. Aside from that, Pakistan knows that the Taliban escalates problems between them and India far too frequently.

  • Pakistan is Against the Taliban and other Terrorist

    Thousands of Pakistanians are killed by the terrorists of Taliban, Daeish etc. Pakistan started a mission in 2014 called Zarb E Azb by the Army and the Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan and a lots of head quarters of Terrorists have been destroyed and a lot of terrorists have been killed and arrested. The terrorism that was in Pakistan is totally controlled and we didn't saw any terror attach within a past year in Pakistan. We solute # PakArmy and General Raheel Shareef for starting that mission.

  • No, I think Pakistan is working against the Taliban.

    While Pakistan may be doing an inefficient job at rooting out terrorists who are hiding in the country I highly doubt they are actively working or trying to aid the Taliban in any way, Pakistan is a ally of the United States and most likely is working actively with the United States to root out the Taliban.

  • Trying To Be Neutral

    I believe Pakistan is trying to stay neutral, as much as it can anyway. I don't really think they're trying to work for or against the Taliban. I think they know they can't fight or stop the movement, so they're doing their best to avoid both American and it's competition.

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