• Panama Should Not Get the Canal

    The United States of America put a lot of work and money into building the Panama Canal. I do not think that they should just be given the canal back. Panama did not have much to do with the building of the canal and since the United states did most of it, I do not think they should receive it back.

  • Yes, I think Panama decided to recieve the Panama Canal back.

    I think it would have been an pointless waste of resources for the United States to continue holding the Panama Canal, I think a major structure right inside the country should belong to that nations Government, it would have created much tension between Panama and the United States if they did not get it back.

  • It is the panama canal

    The canal is in Panama and they could use the money. It is not right to take away this from them when they need it. Also this could get the U.S. A friend when Donald trump is making it so that we need more. We need to be nice now or we will lose all aliys.

  • Yes, I believe Panama deserved to receive the Panama Canal back.

    Teddy Roosevelt himself said " I took the canal back". We shouldn't have taken it from them. Its on Panama's lan and they deserve all the rights of the canal. If we didn't give it back their would be tension between the United States and Panama but their isn't. They might have lost the war but it's the right thing to do, we should give it back

  • Well duh!!!! Their land!

    I do believe that Panama did and still do deserve the rights to have full ownership of the Panama Canal. It's on the Panamanians land so they should have ownership of the Panama Canal. If anyone agrees please reply or like this post and also vote yes.
    Thanks so much,

  • An engineering work, inside a sovereign state.

    Panama Canal uses panamanian natural resources, such as its lakes and panamanian oceanic waters - this is the kind of resources that should be controlled by the state, not a foreign country. Each country should be able to control the natural richness inside its territory. I believe the US should help Panama with the skills to manage (and engineering skills) the Canal and therefore receive some advantage for it, but overall control should be from Panama.

  • That was the deal

    Even though a few countries had their hand in building it, the canal should belong to Panamanian people. It would cost other countries to much money to operate the canal. It would also create some animosity between the Panamanian people and who ever was in charge of it. It the best for everyone that all sides were able to work the deal out.

  • Panama should be a US Territory

    I'm Panamanian and eversince the US got out of Panama, the country has been sinking. Panamanian working for the US controlled Panama Canal, had a better life than Panamanian working for Panamanians. The treaty Torrijos-Carter was signed after tensions between the Canal Zone Residents (A US Territory) and the rest of Panama. The solution would had been to make Panama a US Territory just like Puerto Rico. And then we all would had been happy.

  • The Panama Canal belongs to the United States

    Unlike lots of imperially held land the Panama Canal's land was given as part of a deal in return for the US given Panama independence. The United States took that land and made the canal themselves. If it had been taken forcefully and it was made by Panama before hand it would be different, but the moment the US made that canal it became theirs.

  • Panama Had Done Nothing To Receive the Panama Canal Back

    From what I understand the United States has a long history of pouring money into the Panama Canal. We built, defend and fund the canal. I do not believe that the nation of Panama has stepped up tp the plate pf taking responsibility of the Panama Canal. Therefore I believe they should never have gotten it back.

  • No, Panama shouldn't have gotten the Panama Canal back.

    I do not think that Panama deserved to get the Panama Canal back. When they lost it during the war, it became property of the winning side. There is no reason it should have been handed back to the country of Panama. But I think a lot of political reasons was the case for it.

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