Do you believe parents should have the right to refuse homework for their children?

  • Homework Encroaches Upon Family Time

    "We as a family strive to live a balanced life that includes a variety of activities. Those activities include volunteering in the community, family social time, rituals and celebrations, part-time jobs, music and art lessons, sports, fellowship clubs, church and much-needed downtime. We value those activities as much as learning academic subjects in school.

    In order to make time for these activities; we need to establish boundaries that provide a fair division between school instructional time and homework that encroaches upon outside-school time."

    The school assignments that are not given adequate instructional class time to complete in school hours, should not be completed at home.

  • Parents Know Their Child Best

    I'm a parent and a teacher. If the assignment that I am sending home is too difficult, then by all means I want the parent to write a note letting me know that it was "too much" for their child (or for them). That way I can help that child later. Also I only like to give homework that is true practice of what we are learning. It should be something that we have done in class that day and meaningful to their learning. I do not like Homework Packets that are put together a week, month, or even year in advance. They have nothing to do with what the child needs to understand. If the homework is graded and the child doesn't do the homework, then the parents should also understand that their grades will show this. Parents should be able to decide if their child really needs that homework assignment or not.

  • Absolutely we should be able to determine how much our children can handle in one night!

    When they decided to send three hours worth home, also it's not like us parents have been to college recently, the majority of us haven't been in school for 10 years plus, the new common core crap is stupid and without a doubt not easy for us, let alone our children who has already been in school for 7 hours, them has to come home for us tired parents to try and figure out this new type of teaching that we didn't go to school to learn, I wonder how many teachers go home and do 3 hours of extra work? I doubt very few, as much as they send home for us parents to help them do, they shouldn't have much at all to do period! They are getting paid to send all the work home for the parents to teach!

  • Why is this even a debate?

    First of all, children who are struggling because they aren't receiving adequate support from their family is an entirely different issue so for the sake of this debate I must assume that we are discussing a regular, functioning family unit. I finished school 26 years ago and one thing which, even in retrospect still angers me is the expected quality:quantity ratio. I was frequently complimented on the "quality" of my English work. My spelling was fine, my grammar was fine and my grasp of words and context was more than adequate (Not any more. Like I said, it was a few years ago and feel I've now earned the right to go "youth" so bear with me). Anyway, quality work requires time and effort so I find it baffling that I was always (and ONLY) criticised for the sheer amount of writing in my assignments. Now my son has started secondary school (year 7) and after just 2 weeks and some exceptional written work he has been given detention simply because his very well written essay simply wasn't long enough. I say "very well written" and I can't stress this enough. It covered every criteria aside from the word count but the teacher, without bothering to ask how much time was spent on this particular piece decided that the the best course of action was to throw him into detention as well as piling on another gruelling stack of work on top of a rewrite of the original homework to be completed by the following day. Now, this is only one incident but it is far from an isolated occurence so, after at least 26 years of progress, the education system still values high quantities of sloppy, rushed drivel over quality work and if it still hasn't been addressed after all this time then I really can't see why "they" should assume authority over a parent regarding this decision. Sorry education authority but for decades you have had opportunity after opportunity and you are still managing to miss the point. Best leave this decision to the professionals, or as I like to call them - the parents. The real question here is should a perfectly functioning family have a right to make important decisions regarding a perfectly functioning son or daughter? Why is this even a debate?

  • Yes they should

    Yes, the parent is the person who is the main decider for the child, so if they feel like the child does not need to do a certain assignment that is all up to them. If they find it to be offensive then they do not need to go do it.

  • They don't have time

    Children have stuff at home to do they don't have time to do their homework and do there chores. By the time they get dun with school work kids don't have time to do there work at home. The teachers git paid to tich at school until the parents start getting paid to teach the kids they need to keep homework at the school.

  • Not banned, but limited

    I think homework should be limited to studying and reading books for the course. I think these exercises are a bit too much. We have lives too you know. School is not everything. Of course we don't have as much responsibility as our parents and teachers do, but we still have lives to life, friends and family to hang out with. So yes.

  • no refuse homework

    Parents refusing homework for children? I don't believe that children's parents should be able to refuse homework for their children. Children need to be able to practice what you learn. That's why they say practice makes perfect so if you expect your children to get anywhere by not practicing what they learn in school you don't know what your talking about.

  • Teaching duty pertains to educational departments.

    I don't think parents have the right to say whether their children have should do homework or not. Teaching duty is considered a vast detail about how to get a child to learn. Aspects like: Suggestopedia, methodology, transferring knowledge, practice, and so on... Are extremely important factors to get a child to learn. When a teacher decides that a child needs to have a home work; that doesn't mean that teacher's decision is one of those common non-sense matters, that means that teacher's suggestion is an outcome of a lot of evaluation back up to know whether that child needs to do a home work to learn or not. So, "Parents Leave the Teaching Duties For Higher Ranks."

  • Refusal to do homework would undermine the teachers

    Teachers need to be able to govern the education process to the students. Homework is a means to engage the parents into their children's education. With the busy schedule, sometimes homework seems like a burden to the parents as well. But it is a necessary part of any work, job or education. Realistically, parents react differently to their children; some baby them and others are too strict.

  • Parents refusing homework for children?

    I don't believe that children's parents should be able to refuse homework for their children. Children need to be able to practice what you learn. That's why they say practice makes perfect so if you expect your children to get anywhere by not practicing what they learn in school you don't know what your talking about.

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