• Laughing at these hypocritical American posts.

    I wonder if these Americans even realise how hypocritical and ironic they are being right now. The British have a history that is 100 times more glorious than the US could ever begin to compete with. The fact that they could sustain an Empire for more than 250 years is testament to this. However, the even more hilarious fact is that the British couldn't be less patriotic. You don't see Union Jacks plastered all over the backs of SUV's, do you? It is utterly hypocritical for someone to think that they should be allowed to be patriotic, while someone from another country can't.

  • They are quite patriotic.

    No, I do not believe that patriotism should be more common in Britain, because the British are already quite patriotic. The British have accomplished so much around the world militarily and by exploring and colonizing the world. They have a lot to be proud of, and if you talk to the British, they are still proud.

  • Not like here

    No, I think that here in the US if you go look around you will find a lot of true die hard Americans, like me, that truly love this nation and would do anything that we could to make sure it stays safe and we keep the freedoms that we have.

  • No, I do not.

    I understand being proud and patriotic, but I think Britain already has enough patriotism and the patriotism they do have is usually ugly and sneering. It isn't national pride like in most places, but an air of superiority and a belief that they are everyone's intellectual superiors and more important.

  • It Isn't Essential

    I do not believe patriotism should be more common in Britain. I believe patriotism in Britain is far more healthy than that of America's. I believe people should express how the feel about the government, rather that be positive or negative viewpoint. I believe it is good for a country to have patriotism because it indicates support of the government.

  • Patriotism is unnecessary

    Patriotism is unnecessary, and unchecked patriotism goes a long way to devalue people over their government. What civilized countries need are citizens who are willing to question the actions of its government and refuse to let its ugly past be whitewashed - an issue especially troubling in Britain and America.

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