Do you believe Paul Twitchell plagiarized the works that form the basis of his religious movement Eckankar?

  • Probably but it doesn't matter much to me

    I think there are many paragraphs that were probably plagiarized but to many it doesn't matter if the teachings bring inner peace. The mistake of Eckankar was to go into panic mode and to deny all allegations instead of owning up to them in a reasonable manner. They could have turned a bad situation into a good one.

  • Overwhelming evidence of plagiarism

    I have seen the Julian Johnson books and read the Far Country so there is no argument. Twitchell wrote the Far country when he was in the Sant Mat teaching so he likely wrote it for them which had closer links to Julian Johnson's books so it would have been more acceptable, Same with the Tigers Fang and Flute of God. Just not a Spiritual master that's all regardless of the plagiarism. He probably made the information from the plagiarized books more interesting though and eckankar helped people find the spiritual teachings. That was his mission.

  • Yes he did

    I checked it out myself. Very inspiring material. But comparing the far country with Julian Johnsons books showed it clearly. He did copy a lot of his material, stating then it was one of the Masters who dictated it to him. Very sad, for many people believed in the originality.
    But remember, we are Soul and enternal, there is this Love binding all things together. And with chanting HU, OM or Sat Nam we still can lift ourselves up in spirit. This is what counts. There is always a direct path to god, our very nature is God and eternal. So we dont need books, there is the most direct way, go within...

  • He did, but so what?

    Yes, I believe Paul Twitchell plagiarized the works that form the basis of his religious movement Eckankar. I also believe that no one in any religious movement would care in the slightest that he did. Religions aren't new and groundbreaking things, they're just someone with charisma writing down stuff that a lot of people already accept as common sense.

  • It's Pretty Obvious

    Given the belief system of Eckankar I believe it is easy to see that Paul Twitchell plagiarized the works to form the basis of his religion. I think this worked because followers probably were not familiar with the sources, making it easier for him to report his beliefs as original.

  • Twitchell created his religion from Sikh

    Twitchell has developed his religion, Echankar, from a sect of the Sikh religion. Very little of his belief system is original. Humans on this planet are typically plagiarizing one thing or another no matter how you look at it. Taking works or ideas that have already been had and presenting them as your own defines plagiarism. Since that is exactly what Twitchell has done, he has plagiarized.

  • Building on past philosophies and religion is not plagarism

    Paul Twitchell did rely heavily on other works to form the basis of Eckankar, but that is not unique in religious movements. Many of the world's religions have evolved from other religions. Perhaps he could have better cited some of the basis, but no religion is formed in a vacuum.

  • Built on previous ideas

    No, I do not think that Paul plagiarized other works to form the basis of his new religious movement. He simply studied other religions and built upon them to form his new religion, which he and his followers believe to be superior to all of the other religions around today.

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