• It is inevitable, I think..

    Although it doesn't look like it if you go by what the media portray..
    The world is slowly getting more peaceful.
    The main stumbling blocks at the moment, are the uneducated and ignorant who are still willing to believe things without question.
    As people become more educated and understand how everything is connected and stop doing this, because they use critical thinking, reason and knowledge, rather than emotion and blind beliefs.
    They will then understand that selfish greedy people, actually make their own world and lives worse, as much as they do anyone else's.
    Kind, cooperative people make their own and everyone else's world worse....

  • It depends how you define peace.

    I would define peace as the presence of harmony. It is possible to be at personal peace within one's self, regardless of whether or not there is war. Peace is always a possibility between people, and nations. It comes down to whether or not we are willing to compromise and live in harmony. There will always be people who are infantile enough to kill over money, ideals and property. I take it that the question refers more to the concept of world peace. Again, this can technically have many definitions. I do believe that it is possible that we could achieve peace (lack of war) on a global level if we formed a world government. This would be difficult to achieve and to maintain, but it is possible in theory.

  • Peace is most certaintly a possibility,

    The prospect of peace is a beautiful one, but is it possible? That is a good question and I think that the answer is yes but what is needed is consciousness shift so that the people will all realize true happiness and what they must do in their life to achieve peace or world peace even.

  • It's important that we have hope that peace is a possibility.

    Although there have always been wars and conflicts throughout history, it is important that we have hope for a peaceful future. Unfortunately, sometimes we do not have control over what other countries do and we sometimes get involved in conflict that we should have avoided. My hope is that we learn from history and try to keep peace between nations.

  • Peace a possiblility, not hardly.

    Of course every beauty queen wants peace on Earth but do they or really any of us know what it would entail to have peace on Earth? We can barely make peace with the guy across the street that always complains about the motor in the car being too loud. Or the old woman who harasses you about your little dog. People are in court everyday suing over trust funds and inheritances. Wives are hiring hit men because divorce is too expensive or too long and drawn out. No one is humbled anymore, no one is willing to compromise. Its all about the selfish want and the power to control all things. The way we think, where we live, where we work, how we spend our money, everything in this world that we are doing now is the exact opposite of what we need to establish peace in our homes, communities, churches and the world.

  • Peace is impossible.

    Unless we find a way to genetically reduce the size of our adrenal glands, increase the size of our prefrontal lobes and find a better way to live, violence is always going to be here. Violence is oftentimes an act of desperation or frustration. You will never stop all of it from happening.

  • The nature of man is to make war.

    Nature herself has designed almost every species on the planet to either kill something, or keep from getting killed. Most often it is both. Humans are no different. We have evolved to kill things. In the beginning, man was designed to run for longer distances than his prey. The general idea was just follow it until it ran out of energy and then kill it. The same thought process is still boxed up in the back of the psyche. As long as there are things, then there will be people who want things bad enough to fight over it.

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