Do you believe people are either idealistic or pragmatic?

Asked by: What_Ali_Thinks
  • Those are the only options:

    Humans tend strictly towards one or the other as those are the required states for any given serious proposal. It is either built off of previous knowledge and has a strongly predictable outcome or it is built off of previous knowledge with a wildly unpredictable outcome. There's not much else to it.

  • People cannot be strictly one or the other...

    Even if some believe they have a pragmatic or idealistic state of mind, I don't think people can be the extremity of one or the other. Idealism is acting upon moral principles regardless of any consequences that follow, and pragmatism is acting on what we feel is practical. This calls into question of our individual beliefs on what we deem as moral, and if we choose to base our principles on what we feel is most practical. This argument can be very well related to egoism and altruism (self-interest and selflessness) since these both reflect on our actions in given situations.

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