Do you believe people are naturally good or evil?

Asked by: katbay
  • People were born selfish

    Some people believe that people are good and are charitable but all people were created naturally selfish and violent. Studies show that 61% of people believe that people were created naturally selfish. First and Foremost, the ability of selflessness is something that has to be taught, as a young child the one thing that parents tell you to do is to share. This is because we have to be taught to be selfless because we were created naturally selfish and violent. If Roussue believes that people were born naturally good then why are toddlers so violent, when you’re around a toddler they often fight their siblings and cry. If they were born naturally good then why do parents have to teach their child how to behave in a socially acceptable way. A study done at Yale University shows that when offered three crackers instead of one toddlers would rather side with doing the wrong thing than the right thing. This shows that even babies can turn to doing the wrong thing if the price is high enough. Also there is evidence that in your genes some people have violence in them, studies show people who have less monoamine oxidase often are much more violent, and lead to more aggression and violence.

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  • Yes but nah

    Evil is subjective. This whole argument is based on what society believes is evil. If one person believes that stealing is evil, another might believe that stealing is good if it's for a good purpose. Basically, evil is what you make it. Every person has different morals and beliefs so this is a difficult subject to debate.

  • Hell Yeh Boy

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  • Of course not

    We are all born neutral. Even though I believe that we have a balance we choose which way we want to go. Lucifer was born with a balance of good and bad. He was tempted to do bad so he choose to be bad. Then he had influenced other angels to be bad so they followed him and he has his angels and god has his. So look at babies if their born evil then we're all evil which is not true there are generally good in life and are just pure in their hearts

  • Have you seen what people are doing?!

    Yes I do think that every person will have some element of "evil" to them. Though that does not mean that every person will have a say in the matter. For one we should know by now as a human race that evil was present in humans ever since that we have been here, as for such the bible most Christians know about "Adam and Eve". Which tells of God first creating the first man Adam, who then receives Eve the first woman to be together. God had informed the two that they are not to eat from a particular tree from the garden of Eden for which a serpent (satan) had convinced Eve to eat from the tree who then convinced Adam in which they Rebelled against God for their own purpose. There are many murderers,thieves, and other types of people bound in criminal acts against God.

  • Yes, from the Christian viewpoint

    From the Christian way of thinking, we are all born in sin. Because of the original sin of Adam and Eve, everyone is born into sin. Therefore no one is completly good except for Jesus Christ. We have a desire in us to rebel. The only thing holding us back from rebelling is the consequence that follows. Choosing to be good is just that, a choice. Same with being bad. But we are more inclined to choose to be bad because of our natural design. The people that say no to this question are afraid that we might be on to something. They do not want to face the realization that we are all terrible people. But (if you are a Christian) because of Jesus taking that consequence from us, we try to live our lives as best we can to model our lives after Jesus Christ. This is why the existance of us is not pointless.

  • Yes, my opinion

    A person is born evil, we see this throughout human history. The reason we do not commit crime, is because of an invisible fence stopping us (The government and their law), Accompanied with the fear of the punishment. As seen in the Lord of the Flies, these children are put on an island with no law and order, and what happens? They all end up killing each other for power. In history, less and less wars have occurred because we have strengthened law and order throughout the world. War is only started by evil men, who are in no means raised into evil, but just born evil. A person's contributions to society is only based on their own selfish intent for praise. No one is born good, all are born evil, only law, and physical ability holds them back.
    When a little boy takes a toy away from another little boy and that boy begins to cry, do you think the first little boy is going to give it back? No. People are born naturally selfish and we do not know what is wrong and what is right in the world. If a person is born into a violent environment, there is a very high chance of themselves living a violent nature. I say humans are born evil, and then throughout their life, it is a struggle between good and evil. Do you have to teach a baby to be bad? No you don't. It's easy to be bad, and it's harder to be good. People have natural evil tendencies, but because they are bad, we strive to be good. However, it is hard. Besides, if you're a Christian, you would know that because of Adam and Eve, sin is inherited from them into every human being. Thus, we are all born evil, but we must do good.

  • Humans are only naturally evil

    As humans we are naturally evil because of the fact that we are imperfect beings. We may have moral compasses to guide us on the big things that are not wrong such as murder and mass robbery, but that compass is gone when it comes down to the smaller things like lying and cheating. Even as children we go against what our parents tell us to do. We lie to them, and take things behind their back and run off when they tell us to stay put. Even the idea of naturally good doesn't exist because deep down, we only see things through our own eyes, making us self centred and on the look out for number one, being us.

  • Yes with a qualification.

    I would qualify the word "Evil. When most of us hear that word we think of Ted Bundy or Adolf Hitler. That's not how I'm using it here. That sort of evil is evil at full blossom. The evil that we are all born with is less obvious. We are all born self centered. Self centeredness is ultimately making oneself god rather than making God god. This goes back to the Garden of Eden when the devil tempted our mother saying "Ye shall be like gods".

  • We were created with free will.

    Free will means that we can do whatever we want. Wit the devil tempting us, we are very likely to do wrong. If we are naturally evil, then everything about God's nature is a lie. We are free to do whatever. Does a toddler either constantly attack or assist it's parents? That would indicate a good or bad nature. I see no indication of naturally good or bad people.

  • Do you believe people are naturally good or evil?

    I certainly do not think they are ... However we all have a choice to be good or evil but we are not born that way............. God put us on this world to be images of him . And we can be if we want or we can be tempted by the devil and become evil.. But we cant be born evil .. We were are all born pure and good but we have a choice to keep it that way -Alexia (13 yr old)

  • Bad In Being Good

    We all want to believe in love, altruism, being helpful etc, but in the core of the human nature, we are evil as it gets. We make wars, we commit crimes, we want to see the others fail and in most of cases, we do it with no real cause, but from boredom (if you do not trust me, check on how most of the wars started). Yet, we want to go in bed thinking we are some altruistic nobles. You know those people on the talent shows who really want to be musicians, but have no talent at all? Well, in my opinion, that is our way with being good. We want it, but we are simply evil as it gets to achieve that (at least on long stages). People are evil, but they hate to admit it

  • You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean doesn't become dirty.

    Just like Mahatma Gandhi said, just because there might be a few bad people in society, that does not mean all people are naturally bad. Growing up is what makes us "evil". It all depends on the environment you grow up in and your influences. People are born with good intentions and people are born to cooperate, not lie, cheat and steal.

  • Are we born naturally good or bad?

    There is no such thing as good or bad, when you are born you are on neither side you are nuetral to both. Neither side are you within it yet till you are seen from either side. From bad to good or good to bad the sides are found at the vision of thee audience, then it shows

  • More people are bad

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  • NO- there is no good or evil!

    There is NO good or evil! No, not even in books! We need to stop labeling ourselves. You are not good. You are not evil. You are not netural. You are you. You cannot describe yourself in real detal- the universe would have to be bigger, as you, are amazing. Even if good or evil was a real thing, we wouldn't be born into it. Your parents, your friends, your childhood, your adulthood all shapes you. You are flexible, and you can always change, so why good and evil? Tell me this. Are you good or evil, right now? I bet you can't answer, or answered 'good'. This basically proves my point: it is just a point of view.

  • Ofcourse not thats impossibe

    Nobody is born evil. A newborn baby doesnt have the mentality of a crminal, or any bad/dangerous person. Society and growing up is what plays an impact in most people and the way they live. For example human can greatly be influenced by society, (friends, etc) It oesnt make sense for humans to naturally be evil

  • I believe they're neutral.

    I think people are shaped by society, religion, and other people(friends/parents). I believe that people start as a blank slate and are formed into either evil or good people. So all the evil in the world comes from societies views and all the good comes from it as well. J

  • Hell Yeh Boy

    Humans have to be bad to survive the the new harsh and unjust world. If we are a good species then why is there constant war, surely if we knew it was bad then shouldn't we stop. Go back centuries to hunters who killed to survive they had a reason for this but now,now people hunt for fun. Is this what God intended for us to do? Numerous animals have become extinct thanks to us and many more species are about to.
    Thankyou and goodnight😜

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Man is neither innately good nor innately evil. Human nature has both good and evil tendencies. If man is naturally evil, we would not be able to recognize and judge evil.