• Yes, people are smart enough for democracy to work.

    The government wants people to think that they are participating in democracy, when really the levels of democracy in this country are very low. This country could be much more democratic. Fascists want people to believe that other people are not smart enough to participate in democracy, but human beings have the right to choose their own governments.

  • Absolutely not, democracy is destined to fail

    People simply lack the intelligence or life experience to make informed decisions on who should run the country or which policies should be passed. This is becoming increasingly true of the younger generation that are so detached from reality and such ill informed opinions that it would actually be comical if it did not have such serious ramifications. A dictatorship is the best way to go. People would argue that Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini were horrendous figures that caused great suffering. That is correct, however they weren't bad because they were dictators, they were bad because they were they were either mentally insane psychopaths or consumed with a lust for power. If we had a well balanced and morally sound dictator it would be ok.

    Seriously the current generation are mindless drones and do not read between the lines of what politicians say. They get their information from comedy shows like mock the week and drug addicts turned entertainers like Russel Brand, these people are not fit to make informed decisions.

  • Democracy destroys equality.

    True democracy is mob rule. Everyone has a vote and all votes count equally on every issue. In such a government, the majority suppresses the minority, so in reality there is no such thing as equality if you happen to be part of the minority. What we like to call democracy are actually republics, in which representatives are appointed to serve the people. You still have the problem of the majority having control, but since representatives are selected regionally, they ideally balance each other out since people tend to live among others who look and think like them. It's still not a perfect system, but it is the best we have.

  • It hasn't been working.

    It hasn't worked well for a very long time. People are getting dumber by the year as well. I think we will see a steady decline into monarchy, likely very soon. The dumber people get the faster it will happen. Government is actively fostering this because it helps them protect their wealth.

  • Failures of Democracy

    The general public is not smart enough to provide adequate feedback on the workings of the government, and the majority of the public does not actively participate in the democratic process, such as voting in elections, attending town hall meetings, or communicating with their elected officials. A lack of action is the source of many problems in democracies.

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