Do you believe people feel guilty for throwing things away when they're still in usable condition?

  • Yes, I believe people would feel guilty throwing away useable things

    I believe people would feel guilty throwing things away when they're still in usable condition. Personally I was raised to always take care of my things and not be wasteful so I would for sure feel guilty throwing something away that was still usable. There are better ways to get rid of things like that if you don't need them anymore. I like to donate items that are still usable but I no longer need.

  • yes they do

    Yes, I do think that they are going to feel a little guilty when people throw away something that is still in good shape. I think that it is something that comes from deep inside, and is still in our instinct from when we had to live off the land.

  • It feels good to throw things away.

    Lifts me mentally and gives some physical exercise. At the same time, I am ridding the world of junk. It also takes my mind off of stress, and is a good form of taking control of your mind and physical surroundings.
    I think women are more inclined to get excited about tossing stuff.

  • There is no guilt about throwing something away.

    When a person decides to throw something away, I find it unlikely that they would feel guilty about it. Once they've made the decision, the item's continued potential is lost from their mind. We live in a throwaway society, or Microwave society, where everything is replaceable and everything is disposable. Anything that is not perfect; there is a better and newer replacement available.

  • No, most people don't feel guilt about tossing usable items in the trash.

    Just take a look at any landfill site or tipping station and you'll that most people don't feel guilt about throwing away perfectly usable items. As a country the United States gets a grade of "C-" when the subject is recycling. We are living in a throw away society, seeing everything as being replaceable.

  • We live in a consumer based society.

    Americans live in wealthy nation. They are raised to be consumers. Marketing geared towards American consumers aims to convince them that their self worth is based on what they own. A high value of self worth is placed on having the latest fashion, car, or technology. For this reason, I think Americans actually feel good about getting rid of a perfectly usable item just so they can replace it with an item that is brand new.

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