• The Right to die?

    I personally Believe that yes everyone deserves that right to die just as much as we have the right to live. But in certain circumstances, For example if you are a teenager Struggling with depression, I understand that things happen and it's hard but you have a whole life ahead of you, think about the people around you, how they would be affected for your choosing to take your own life. Having a terminal illness, and in a lot of pain, you should have that right to take the life of yours to finally be in painless place. Weather you believe in God or not. Everyone is eventually going to die, but taking your life because your depressed isn't acceptable to me. Find other ways to cope with your daily life.

  • People have the right to die.

    Yes, I believe people have the right to do if they believe it is so warranted as in the case with a terminal illness. Every single person is going to die eventually anyway (at least so far, science is coming along pretty fast), so why bar a person from choosing the time or means of their death?

  • Yes I believe people have the right to die a peaceful death.

    I accept the value of human life and the special gift it is. However I also believe that when is person is dying with no reasonable expectation of successful medical intervention they should have the right to choose time and place of their death. We allow people to make Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) directives so society should allow for a death at a time of the person's choosing.

  • If They Are In Severe Pain

    When people are on their death bed and in severe pain. The medicine that they are getting from their doctors is not working. Why keep them alive if the do not want to live no further? That is just cruel and unusual punishment. It is not like they are going to come up with a cure for what they have in the next few days, or even months.

  • Yes, people have the right to die.

    Every body has the right to die. Even though the idea of somebody killing themselves may seem upsetting and difficult for a lot of us to comprehend, we shouldn't have the right to tell others they do not have the right to decide what fate is best for them to obide by.

  • Yes i do

    Yes, I think that if you truly do not want to live any longer on this earth, then you should have to right to be able to take your own life. I think that we do not need to force someone to stay in a safe place where they can not.

  • "Life" has a mortality rate of 100%

    "Dying" is not a human being's right, it is a human being's duty. The question of "right" is only a question of timing. Should everyone have the duty of waiting until factors like age, cancer or other diseases claim their "right" to take someone's life or is it in the authority of the "owner" of life to decide about its end. That is an entirely different question. Ethically, as known from human medicine, the principle "the right of life does not include the duty to suffer" is the most accepted. From this principle and taking into account the present topic the answer to the question is: No, people have the duty to die, but the right to decide themselves, when.

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