Do you believe people of the United States have lost representation through the legislature?

  • people lost representation

    I think that people been lost representation because they were never honestly
    represented the reason being is because they don’t want us to feel as though we
    are alone which we truly are unless we stick together and over throw the
    government and they would have reconsider what is going on in their government.

  • United States Legislature

    I personally think that the people of the United States have lost their representation through the legislature because of the government. I personally think that the people of the United States have lost their representation because of the economy as well as our society has put a damper on so many people's lives.

  • The Laws Do Favor Money

    The way the US has written laws, and the way the court systems have backed those laws, the US does seem to have lost representation through legislature. The more money you have, the more weight your voice carries. People with little to no money, have very little say in how we pick our leaders. It is not one person, one vote any more, maybe it never was.

  • Unfortunately, I do.

    The legislature in the United States is now controlled mostly by lobbyists and special interest groups. We are a Republic in the USA, and that is when a representative votes the people's will in the parliamentary buildings, but now that doesn't happen nearly as often. Now they just vote whatever makes them the most money.

  • For the people

    No, I do not think that we have lost our representation through the legislature at all. The people that are in the legislature are working very hard to get this country back on track, and they know what they are doing. They are still trying to help us out in every way.

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