• Yes but not THAT BAD!

    We should get forced but not that bad like in Shanghai China. People are not happy about being forced to recycle in Chine because THERE ARE SO MANY KINDS OF TRASH! For example, Shrimps, The shrimp's head is this type of trash and the shrimp's body is another type of trash, People are so tired of recycling. . . . . . So i think people should get forced to recycle but NOT THAT BAD OKAY? Just my opinion. . . . . .

  • Yes i think this country needs to recycle

    I say yes for the government to require people recycle because some people do not recycle and so all that waste can go out the ocean and it hurt the marine life and their habits, And as the sea turtles they can eat anything they find and once they find that junk they eat and they die because all that waste in there stomach. I want us to help those marine life.

  • Keep the earth save

    Every cans and other garbage you throw on street or in wood and the ocean can hurt us and animal because. If nobody recycle the garbage that you throw on street and leave it for long time people can sick who live near and can cause a disease because of the smell of garbage.
    Also animal can die and displace if no one clean up the garbage that be en throw everywhere.

  • Yes, we must learn to be responsible for our waste

    Recycling is not THE answer to our environmental woes. I believe it's far more important to avoid consuming products that lead to recycling in the first place. However, there is no reason for recyclables to fill our landfills. It's simply irresponsible and careless to use something for a minute, an hour, a day, a month, or a year...And let it sit in the landfill for hundreds or thousands of years! To say that mandatory recycling restricts freedoms is a ridiculous point. There are many things that the law prohibits or makes mandatory for the sake of the greater good, and the same would be said for recycling. Reduce, reuse, recycle. It's common sense.

  • It helps us and animals

    Because it helps the environment and it is rude to litter and it is bad news for the whole world 🌎 and you can help that by picking up after yourself and others and I bet the animals will be happy 😊 when you litter think about the animals and the universe 🤗

  • Help Heal the Earth

    I belive that we need to recycle more. A true fact is In new york alone people litter so much in one day that It could fill the Empire State Building. I have noticed that when people are done using paper they just throw it away. I can't belive people throw it in a trash can when a recycle bin is right next to them. I mean really, it doesn't take forever just to sort paper in its right bin.

  • Earth is diying!!!!!!

    The Earth is dying. Recycling is a big part of the earth. Do you want to live on mars people?!? We'll run out of oxygen soon enough. The more we recycle the more humans will live and prosper for a long time. Recycle and we won't have to live on mars!

  • Yes, because the earth is going to die.

    We have destroyed the earth to a point where we only have a couple hundred years or so to live on the earth. The more people recycle, the longer we humans have to live on the earth. Global warming is such a big problem because there is a big hole in the ozone layer. That is because we have too many cows and because of all this decomposing garbage.

  • Recycling Should Be Done

    Simply because we have become accustomed to throwing everything in a huge trash pile doesn't mean we should continue to do so now that we've developed recycling. I think these programs should be made more mainstream as the next generation won't think anything about this process as long as we implement it now.

  • Yes, if we don't force people to recycle, most won't

    Yes, we should force people to recycle. The sad fact of the matter is that most people don't care enough to do things that help the planet such as recycle. The amount of trash we are accumulating is incredible and we need to do something about it if we want to the planet to survive for longer. Since many people don't think in the long term and don't care or don't have the motivation, the government should step in and make people recycle. This will help curb pollution, help wildlife survive, keep the oceans clean and much more. The next generations deserve a clean planet.

  • Hi hi hi

    Hi because hi because hi is a good word because people like to say hi when they see someone or they meet someone and that is why I believe hi is one of the best words that there is and I really like the word hi and thats it BYEEE

  • Where is the freedom?

    People have rights to argue with the government.
    And, If the government force the citizens to recycle,
    the citizens might have a dissatisfaction to the government.
    If the citizens don't want to recycle, Let them be like that.
    I know it is good to recycle, But I do not agree with the fact
    to force them to do it.

  • People have rights, People can use them. They also have choices.

    People have choices, They can recycle and help pollution decrease. Or they can be lazy and not recycle. I'm just saying you shouldn't make people recycle by law just because you have an opinion. No, Its their opinion and you should let them use it. That is my reason for recycling or whatever

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  • Help heal the world

    I belive that because of not recycling, more trees are going. People always throw paper in a trash can and not a recycle bin. If we recycle it can save more trees if we reuse paper that still has some blank spots on it. I don't think FORCING people is right though. I really think people should at least put paper in the recycle bin, i mean its not going to take hours just to put paper where it should be.

  • It doesn't actually happen.

    A friend of mine is an hgv driver and he says that it all goes to the same landfill. Also why recycle bottles? Its not like we have a shortage of sand. Yet plastic bags end up in landfill yet are oil based. As to any reference to civic duty etc. I do not believe in it. Recyclers are being conned.

  • What about freedom?

    It is my opinion that you should never be forced to do something that you don't want to do. Recycling should be a choice. I want to put all of my trash in one container rather than separating. I don't want to have to wash my trash before I throw it away.

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