Do you believe people should be more social than we are now (yes) or less social than we are now (no)?

  • Yes, we should be more social in person.

    Most of us these days would consider ourselves to be very social because of social media activity. But people are actually seeing less and less of their real friends in person. So we, as herd animals, need to make sure that we are actually socializing with those we know and also being open to new friends.

  • We as People need to be more social

    One of the biggest problems that is going on around the world is that we are not social enough with each other. We rely to much on technology and hiding behind cell phones, Computers, tablets, etc to do are talking for us. Nobody knows how to interact and be sociable with anybody these days and we need to change all that. It is sad how we don't interact with each other anymore.

  • We have the perfect mix right now!

    I think we are finally at a point in history where we finally have a very customizable mix between being more social or less social. If one isn't in the mood to be social, one can simply look down at his phone or tablet to pass the time. If you want to be more social, then you put the phone away, put on your best smile and look up!

  • We should be more social.

    We should be more social in a way that doesn't have so many clichéd and annoying cultural traditions and customs. We should be able to go anywhere, hang out with anyone, and just get along with them no matter what is happening. The internet has made the world smaller, so now it's time to come together.

  • Way to social

    I think that people should probably be less social that we are today, because with the different social media sites people do not have any privacy anymore. Everything that they do is posted online, for the world to see. We need to take it back a notch, and keep stuff to us.

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