• All the people in this world has are just very rude and think they can do what ever they want so say LET ME SPEAK.

    I proffer to let people speak but if they do not speak they will never break. For people who are wimps go online for more info and get out a word to inspire others and say I AM STRONGER THAN YOU AND NOTHING IS GONNA CHANGE THAT. NOW GOOD BYE

  • It would solve a lot of problems

    Yes, I do believe that people should speak up for themselves more. When people speak up for themselves others know what is going on so there are less problems brewing in the background. Letting problems stew in the back of the mind is dangerous because eventually it will come to the surface and it may not be very positive.

  • Yes, they should.

    People become very weak minded over time if they don't speak up for themselves. If someone can't make decisions for themselves, or speak up if someone is hurting their feelings, then how would they do in the business world or life in general. People have to speak up for what they belive and what they want.

  • Sure, why not

    Being able to stand up for yourself is how you get things accomplished and at least early in life avoid being a punching bag for the Neanderthals that get through high school bullying people. If you have a voice and are willing to back it up, people will respect you more.

  • Yes, everyone should speak for themselves a lot.

    Everyone has the freedom of speech, and therefore more people should be able to speak for themselves. They cannot let themselves be constantly bossed around and harassed in this violent and manipulative world. It is their life, and they have to right to do, and say whatever they want in the process.

  • yes they should

    yes, I do think that it would be a good thing for people to speak up more for themselves. I think that it would be a good way to make sure all of the people in this country get a fair and even way of life and get what they want.

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