Do you believe people should vote as a unified party rather than consider personal opinions?

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  • No, personal opinions are human nature

    I know I am not a lemming,so why should a party be, Its one thing to have a general consensus on a topic,but everything and everyone is different. I know that if a idea is being pushed on me like a robot, I'm going to walk away from it. People will just be people, think what they want and do what they want.

  • People should vote how they want, not how someone else wants.

    The whole idea of voting is to choose the candidate that best fits the profile of someone you want elected. There are varying reasons why people vote for certain candidates. It should never be because your friends told you to. If your friends inform you as to why they are voting for him or her, then using that information to make your own decision is perfectly fine. I would just suggest doing your own research.

  • Individualism Is What Makes The Country Great

    It would really be bad if everyone thought the same. Life would be boring. All the comedians would sound the same. Inventions would stop being as cool. Movies and Music would all be bland and sound the same. Voting should be based on individual experiences, just like life. Plus, unified parties would just make things even more partisan.

  • Its our right

    No, we should not all vote as a unified party, because there is a reason that we have the right to vote for whoever we choose to. I think that a persons personal opinion is very important, and that a person should vote for who they think is the best.

  • No, individualism is important.

    While it is good to be social and to be part of a group, especially while voting on larger projects and ideas, it's not a good idea to brush personal opinions to the side all the time. Not all opinions are worth considering, but when most are dismissed many good ideas vanish.

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