Do you believe people who write ideas, poems, and designs down, still own them?

  • Yes, I believe people who write ideas,poems and design down own them.

    As long as the people creating those ideas,poems and designs are creating original ideas and they go through the proper legal channels to copyright their work I think that those people do own them, I think being able to protect those peoples rights encourages others to be creative as well.

  • Yes, written ideas are owned by the writer.

    I completely believe that any original ideas, designs, poems or other pieces of individual creativity that are developed and written on paper are solely the property of the person who writes them! It would be unethical to lay claim to the creative or intellectual works of another individual for any reaso, business or pleasure.

  • Yes, I believe people who create art should own them.

    I definitely believe that people who write down an idea, poem, and design down, on any type of material or medium, should own them in the sense of the word. Legally though, that is another matter. I think that people who create something should own them regardless but it will not help them in a legal sense.

  • Yes, poetry is, but not the other two.

    Yes, I do believe that people who write their own poetry own it. This is because of the way copyright law works in the United States. The moment someone writes something down, or draws it, they own copyright. However, ideas and designs are different. They are subject to trademark and patent law, not copyright. So even if they are committed to paper, people still need to go through the legal means to gain the rights. And people should also obtain official copyright just to be safe.

  • Art is not entirely physical therefor, it is impossible to claim complete ownership over it.

    In a poem or story you can claim ownership over three things; the paper, the writing utensil, and the scribbles that are on the paper. No one can claim ownership over an idea because it's never entirely their's in the first place. Ideas are built off other ideas that originated from our basic observation and imitating nature.

    Even if you had the nerve to fully believe that you could own an idea your assumption would still be wrong because every story has already been told.

    The only thing that one could claim ownership over is in the way they presented that story or idea. But even that is a bit of a stretch because again, what we call "originality" is the combination of already known presentations and styles of writing. It's the same deal in all art forms.

    Unfortunately, writers have to eat too so we invented this system of owning things that don't exist physically. In this case of pretend it's always ethically best that the artist get their fair share of the pie when it comes down to sales figures.

  • not at all

    no, just because you think up of something and right it down does not mean that another person may not have the same idea and that they may be doing it to, so you do not own the ideas that you just have and do not do something with now.

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