• Yes,it should be used.

    The performance of a Congressman should be used to calculate the pay of a congressperson. These representatives are voted into office to speak for the people, and if they aren't doing their job correctly, they do not deserve the handsom salary that they get. Of course there should be evaluations.

  • Congressmember's pay should be performance based.

    Yes, all members of Congress should be paid based on their performance. As an employee of the people, a Congress member's job is to ensure that the needs and to some extent, the desires of those whom they represent are being met. Simply showing up in Washington, voting on issues, and taking long vacations doesn't cut it anymore. I personally believe that during this time of high unemployment, the first thing Congress should do is concentrate on creating jobs. I believe Congress should be paid based on the unemployment rate. As the rate climbs, pay should drop. As the rate falls, Congress should receive an increase. I believe Congress shares the blame for a lot of our problems, and should therefore share the pain.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe performance should be used to calculate a member of Congress' pay. I believe we have reached a point where the people can no longer depend on the people they elect. Politicians need to be reminded that taxpayers are the people who make their pay check possible. If they don't work for the people, then they shouldn't receive a pay check from us.

  • They'd work for the pay.

    No, I do not believe that performance should be used to calculate a Congressmember's pay, because the Congressmember would change their actions based on the pay. Deciding what the pay should be would lead Congressmen to try to pass bills, or debate or oppose bills, just to get an increase in pay. That is not good leadership.

  • How to measure a politicians performance?

    The performance of a politician would be impossible to gauge. Who would determine this effectiveness? Would a new corruptible panel be required to determine this? Then another panel would need to be created to make sure that those guys were doing their job. And thus the cycle of bureaucracy begins. Politicians have a perfectly viable accountability process. It's called elections. Want something to change? Get some friends together and change it.

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