Do you believe Piers Morgan should be deported because of his views on gun control?

  • He is not an American citizen.

    He has no rights in this country. He is still a citizen of the United Kingdom.
    First off, a foreign citizen should not be campaigning against an inalienable right of a country he does not pay taxes too. the first 10 amendments of the constitution cannot be infringed upon and he does not seem to understand that.
    Secondly, he should not be spreading the lies he does. He does not us proper crime statistics. He uses one that the media makes up to scare the average citizen into believing in their agenda.
    The only proper crime statistics for the U.S. is the Uniform Crime Report, compiled by the FBI on a yearly basis. The UCR is filled out by every police municipality in the country and submitted to the FBI.
    It is shown since 1992 there has been a 50% decrease in violent crime in the United States. He says we are the most violent country in the world. Compared to the U.K. "England and Wales only; as Scotland and Northern Ireland compile their own crime stats." The U.K. has more then double the violet crime then the U.S.

  • He is right about gun control

    He is right about gun control and America need to sort it out people are dying from random gunfire and shootings not from people from isis or any terrorist organisation but Americans themselves. You are more likely to get shot by a baby then killed by a terrorist organisation and this is because gun control is so bad. SORT IT OUT

  • He's an idiot, but that's no reason to deport him

    America was founded with the freedom to believe pretty much whatever they want. The freedom of speech and freedom of thought is paramount to our values as a society. We're a nation of laws which protect its citizens when poison thinking becomes poison actions. Piers is an idiot. But he can be.

  • The first amendment

    The second amendment is archaic and unneeded, and Morgan has smart views on it. And the first amendment means anyone can say the second amendment sucks d*cks. Anyone saying he should be deported, please die. He's a c*nt but not for his views on gun control. Your constitution says people can say whatever they want without legal consiquence, the one amendment that shouldn't be changed.

  • Piers Morgan is obnoxois

    Piers shoudnt be deported but his views on gun control are ridiculous and stupid and he's a d*ck. He interrupts his guests, yells at them, calls them names- no wonder he got fired. He is using his first amendment right but seriously piers if you hate America do much whyd you come here if all you want to do is change it.

  • No, you let him in, you keep him.

    We don’t want him back: we took Jerry Springer; you got Piers Morgan, that was the deal Britain made with America! Seriously though, I have made plenty of critical remarks about the Republican Party on this site and I travel to the US regularly and I’d hate to be refused a visa if because I have expressed political views that some rightist Americans might disagree with: surely America is not going to turn the clock back to the days of Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s witch-hunt of liberals?

  • No Piers Morgan Brings Up an Important Point

    Piers Morgan should not be deported because of his strong views against the current gun laws in the United States. He is projected just like everyone else under the 1st amendment for Freedom of Speech. It is ironic that someone wanting protection under the 2nd seeks to deport someone for using their 1st amendment. The difference is that how the 2nd amendment was written clearly did not necessitate the need for high powered assault weapons. The USA leads the world in gun deaths while other countries such as Australia and England where guns are banned have the fewest - a very convincing argument.

  • Words aren't enough.

    Deportation is not something to be undertaken lightly. Using it in response to someone's opinion smacks of draconian kingdoms in the Dark Ages. Modern societies are guaranteed their opinions, and shouldn't dread exile for using words during a heated topic. Let him do something actually wrong or criminal to earn deportation.

  • Morgan Was Not Deported Because of His Views

    Everyone has an opinion and so did Piers Morgan. There is freedom of speech so any views you have, controversial or not, are okay to speak on. Piers was not deported because his views on gun control. There were obviously other factors that played into him being deported to another country.

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