• Yes pit bulls make good pets

    I think that pit bulls make good pets. Because they are loving and obedient . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . .......... ...... . . . . .. . . . . . .

  • They do, if properly trained and managed.

    I do believe that pit bulls can make very good pets, if in the right hands. The problem is that pit bulls need careful training as they have an in-bred aggressive streak. Many owners actually take pride in this and train the animals wrongly to enhance this behavior. This makes these animals a potential danger to humans. I believe this is what gives the pit bull its bad reputation.

  • Make excellent pets

    People probably are tired of hearing this, but it is the owner, not the dog. It is never the other way around. If people can't handle a breed like the Pit Bull, then they should not acquire the breed. Pit Bull's are very loyal compassionate, protective of their family. If people haven't taken the time to truly know the breed, then they probably shouldn't be talking smack.

  • It is all about nurture

    The only way pit bulls act on aggression is for their trainers to raise them poorly. Generally pit bulls aren't violent until they are conditioned to be so. They are just like other dogs in that they pose no inherent danger. Pit Bulls are unfairly attacked as a violent dog.

  • Yes, pitbulls make good pets.

    I think that pit bulls can make good pets. Pit bulls get a lot of hate from people who do not understand the breed. They can be just as dangerous as any other dog, and they can be just as safe as any other dog. It all depends on the owner.

  • No, they do not.

    They are very dangerous dogs that have been bred and trained over many years to kill. It is very unsafe to have an animal for just the purpose of having a pet if said animal might kill you or someone you love at any point in time. Children can be injured greatly by a pit bull, so be careful.

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