• Yes it can

    Yes, i do think that there is not a thing wrong with a person making a plee bargain. I think that there is a lot of good that comes from them, when a person will give up another person who may be the one that they want a lot more.

  • Yes I do.

    I do believe it can be justified for those who wish to do plea bargaining. It usually benefits both the people trying to convict them and the person who wants to get off better. It is a good system because it encourages the person to tell the truth, but they still get punished, just not as bad.

  • It saves resources.

    Yes, I believe that plea bargaining can be justified, because it saves court resources. If every case went to trial, we would have five times the prosecutors, judges and court staff that we currently have. A lot of times, the person will receive the same sentence they would have received if they had been convicted at trial, anyways.

  • Yes, I believe plea bargaining can be justified.

    I believe a plea bargain is normally a good thing, often trials take years to complete and cost tons of money in legal fees, a simple plea bargain that both sides can find acceptable is the quick and efficient way of doing things, taking a plea bargain means an individual doesn't have to go through the court system which is a very good thing normally.

  • No, It's Not

    I do not believe plea bargaining can be justified. I believe the justice system would be far better off without plea bargaining because I feel it interferes with the ability of the justice system to actually provide justice. I think films like Law Abiding Citizen display these problems clearly and should be noted under such topics.

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