• It allows for a more thought out process.

    I think political inertia can actually be a good thing. I think sometimes it is better if things progress slowly within politics, it allows a general consensus to form, and for all arguments to be heard and thought out. If political processes progress too quickly, things are missed and mistakes made.

  • People need to do something!

    No, political inertia is not a good thing. While it is more pleasant to be calm, polite, never have an opinion, and get along with everyone, that is not a good way to make change or to get anything done. We have got to have leaders who are willing to have a backbone, get down and dirty, and make things happen.

  • Political Inertia is a bad thing

    It is my opinion that political inertia is a negative trait in today's government. I feel that politics have changed and evolved over the years because of a lack of political inertia. In most cases that change has been positive. Having a stagnant an unchanging government will restrict the possibility of any future positive changes.

  • No, political inertia is not a good thing.

    I do not believe that political inertia is a good thing. I think that people should be able to give change a chance and listen to other ideas and beliefs. Staying put in ones beliefs without at least hearing some arguments can be a bad thing. Having a dialogue is always a good thing.

  • Getting involved is good

    People constantly complain about their government and how they don't listen but then those same people never take the time to get involved with their government in order to ask for the changes they desire. If there's no political inertia then the government will not only not know what the people want but it also gives them full control of everything.

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