• The future of democracy depends upon fiscal responsibility

    If this country keeps borrowing without restraint, the weight of all that debt will strain us then break us apart. We cannot clearly see what is happening, and we keep pointing fingers. History will judge us as harshly, we are as guilty as those who couldn't compromise on the subject of ending slavery and didn't avert a civil war that killed 600,000. This time our failure will not just damage our own country. The rest of the world will have major problems. Our enemies, those who believe that democracy is not sustainable will be vindicated, and our civilization will fall just like other great empires of the past.

  • Yes it does

    Yes, I think that a lot of good would come from us putting something in the constitution about how the government can spend their money, and about how they need to do things to make sure the debt never goes as high as it is today and is going up.

  • Yes, they should be.

    I think political spending should be addressed in a way that if there is going to be spending, there has to be revenue to counter-balance the spending. Especially more taxes. And another thing that should be addressed is military spending. It should be frozen if there are problems at home.

  • Political Spending Should Be Addressed

    I personally think that to gain votes from recently enfranchised, unpropertied voters, Andrew Jackson launched his campaign for the 1828 election through a network of partisan newspapers across the nation. After his election, Jackson began a political patronage system that rewarded political party operatives, which had a profound effect on future elections. Eventually, appointees were expected to contribute portions of their pay back to the political machine.

  • addressed in amendments

    Compromise does not appear on the horizon. Republicans and Democrats are currently far apart and, if anything, are moving in opposite directions. Democrats are doing more name calling than negotiating or governing. Republicans, at least enough of them, are more focused on purity and principle than on finding a way out of the impasse. People wonder why the political process seems to have broken down.

  • Political spending should not be addressed in the Constitution.

    The Constitution is a document which outlines what the country stands for, and how it should be structured. Considering that the last amendment to the Constitution was the Civil Rights act, the follow up to that should be something a little more significant than something as petty as money. The weight and implication of everything in that document is well beyond the simplistic ideas that politicians are wasting money.

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