• Politicians are capable of cooperation

    No matter who is in the government or the differences that exist among politicians, there can always be cooperation between government officials. Look at the governemnt we have in place today, with the huge differences between the democrats and republicans. At the end of the day, what makes our country stronger is when both parties can cooperate, and they have been doing so for a long time.

  • Yes, they are capable but choose not to.

    Yes, I believe politicians are capable of cooperation. But like 3 year olds at day care, they choose not to until they get their way. If they could only see themselves from our point of view, they would be embarrassed at how absolutely ridiculous and transparent their behavior is. It is so hard to believe they are intelligent, affluent, grown men and women. They are an embarrassment to our great nation.

  • No, not as it stands now.

    We have gone far from the ideal of public service in our political arena and most politicians now do not think about cooperating with others to get things done for their constituents. They think about their own power and gain and about getting reelected once their term is over so they are not likely to cooperate.

  • No, I do not believe that politicians are capable of cooperation

    I do not believe that politicians are capable of cooperation. If they are from different political parties, a politician's job is to represent their constituents. By definition, this means that politicians must not cooperate with one another. We have seen time and time again that even when politicians personally feel one way about an issue, they will vote along party lines instead of reaching for an agreeable middle ground.

  • To Much Self Interest & Interference

    I do not believe politicians are capable of cooperation. The politicians that are in office now seem to be overly concerned with self interest and interference from those they receive kickbacks from. If politicians were actually interested in fulfilling their roles properly cooperation would be part of their daily lives, but often they are busy sticking to a very narrow range of opinion and they refuse to budge.

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