• Not all, but significant or threatened politicians should be escorted by police.

    Naturally not all politicians need to be protected by police, but particularly significant ones, such as a governor or president need at least some police protection as their prominence can make them targets. In addition, any politicians who has been threatened or is likely to encounter physical harm, should be escorted by police for their protection.

  • Politicians should be escorted by top police officers.

    Politicians should be escorted by top police officers. Politicians may have many political enemies that would want to harm them because they disagree with their politics. That is why politicians should be protected by a top notch police escort. There are many dangerous people out there who can be a potential danger to someone in a political office.

  • Politicians should not require a police escort.

    If our politicians were as savvy as they think, they would not need police escorts. Understandably some present a higher target than others, and protection can be allocated depending on the threat. A congressman getting a police escort by default is rather absurd. Beyond getting any police escort, assigning "top" officers is an even further waste of resources. The officers could be necessary somewhere else in their district for drugs or homicides or something valuable to the community. Instead, they are babysitting a grown person to make sure someone who may not like them very much gets too close and may actually get to address their representative like a human.

  • No politicians should not be escorted by police department top brass.

    GIven the law enforcement role of police departments the senior officers and top brass of the department should not give the publice the impression that politicians have special privileges. When an event or threat requires that a politician be given police protection that detail should be staffed by average policemen and a duty supervisor.

  • No, I do not believe politicians should be escorted by police officers.

    I do not believe politicians should be escorted by top police officers. This would be a huge waste of tax payers money. I do not believe politicians lives are at risk. The only time a politician should be escorted by top police officers is if their lives have been threatened.

  • No, state nor city politicians do not need police protection.

    At one city government employer, the political class is using police as armed enforcers of city policy and local agendas. If authorities can't specifically identify threats, dont allow them to make one up with anonymous. The political class is not worth the tax dollars the police could be earning conducting traffic enforcement ordrug raids.

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