Do you believe politicians should be forced to prove that governments can be an efficient tool for solving problems?

  • Yes, I believe politicians should do what they can to make people believe they're useful.

    I definitely think that politicians should always have a need to prove to their voters that there's a reason that they have their jobs in office. I think that the American people need to believe that officials in the goverment know what they're doing and that their roles can have a useful affect in regards to the issues the American people deal with.

  • They should be reviewed.

    Yes, I believe that politicians should be forced to prove that governments can be an efficient tool for solving problems, because governments should be held accountable for their work. The government should not be intervening in a social situation if they cannot find a solution that is efficient for the citizens involved.

  • Yes,government should be forced to prove that it is an efficient tool.

    Yes,government should have to prove that it is an efficient tool for solving problems.Without some kind of accountability the government is nothing but a huge drain on the taxpayers.After a while the voters become dissatisfied and refuse to participate in the process that is supposed to be there for them

  • How could politicians prove government is efficient?

    What tool could be used to measure the effectiveness of government. There would be a wide variety in my opinion that would be designed to provide results that favor one ideology or another. Letting politicians tell you how this is measured would be very suspicious. If I were a politician, and was asked to prove how efficient I was, I would provide results of a section of government that I influenced to be efficient. It wouldn't matter about the rest once the public had their answer.

  • We know this

    No, they should not be forced to prove this, because they have been showing this ever since the governments were made. The whole point of a government is to lead the people in a fair way, and to make sure that any problem that comes up is dealt with soon.

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