• Yes, from First-hand experience

    I myself am a prostitute and have two different clients who are both Republicans in Michigan. They see me on a very regular basis. Both of them have wives, and both of them have mentioned seeing plenty of other prostitutes as well. They are especially selfish, compared to my other regulars. They pay me the best, but treat me the worst.

  • For sure they do

    More women = more power, in a society ruled by men. Nowadays, the younger she gets, the better as well. Politicians work with power. Family is necessary for them to be recognized as good people, good enough to be elected. Man with a wife and kids, strong possibilities of being elected. That's the general formula. Why keeping only with your wife while there's power to get variety?

  • Yes they do

    When they are away on business and away from their wives, I do think that a lot of politicians buy the services from prostitutes across the country. I do not think that this is all that bad of a thing though, because these women are just trying to make a living.

  • A basic human need.

    I believe sex is a basic human need for any post-pubescent individual. Due to working a demanding job that leaves little time for family for married politicians, or socializing for single politicians, solicitation is almost necessary. With all the sex scandals brought about lately by interns and other staffers looking for their 15 minutes, soliciting prostitutes is probably the safest way to obtain this most basic of needs. Many politicians will absolutely take this route.

  • Yes, politicians solicit prostitutes an a regular basis

    It has been revealed time and time again that politicians solicit and hire prostitutes. Homosexual or heterosexual, the media has shown the public over and over again cases of politicians being caught with prostitutes or soliciting their services. It has become so common to hear of this that I don’t believe anyone in America is even surprised anymore when they hear of such things. The behavior is so commonplace that it is almost expected.

  • Yes,I believe politicians solicit prostitutes on a regular basis.

    Yes,I believe politicians solicit prostitutes on a regular basis.Many politicians believe they are beyond the law and since men are focused on sex most of the time it would make sense that they would solicit prostitutes on a regular basis,especially if they are in a position of power like politicians are.

  • Yes, politicians solicit prostitutes... but so do many men!

    Yes, I'm certain that politicians are just as likely as other populations to engage in activities with sex workers. This is not a statement on their ethics or morality, however. Escort patronage, in particular, is more common than many people would expect among married men between the ages of 40-60. Clients of escorts come from all walks of life, from public school employees to doctors to television entertainers. I'm sure that politicians are just as likely to be among this clientle (although I wouldn't think that they would be any MORE likely to engage in paid sexual activities).

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