• I believe politicians who are charge-sheeted should resign.

    I believe politicians who are charge-sheeted should resign. Politicians who have criminal history should resign. People who have a documented record of having committed a crime should not be allowed to hold a public office. People with criminal pasts could be more likely to be corrupted or commit future crimes.

  • Politicians Shouldn't Be Distracted by Criminal Charges

    Politicians in any setting of government shouldn't be distracted by criminal charges whatsoever. They should resign immediately upon receipt of those charges simply because the person should focus on criminal proceedings. If someone is trying to stay out of jail due to a criminal complaint, that will simply detract from the politician's work in the public sector.

  • Yes, politicians should resign if they've been charge-sheeted.

    I definitely think that politicians who are charge-sheeted should resign. I think that it is something that is kind of a difficult thing for somebody to get over in terms of reputation. And a lot of voters and people will think it speaks negatively about ones character. That is why politicians should resign if they have been charge-sheeted.

  • once convicted, yes

    There was a politician who was convicted of taking bribes and he remained in office after his conviction. He refused to resign. The police had to get a warrant and physically remove the politician from office. When a politician is convicted of a crime. The judge should order that the politician has to automatically resign.

  • Yes, they should

    I think corruption is just that a reason for them to leave. The issue is these people are not good for the position they hold. They should move on and step down. You can't be charged with anything in my world and expect to be in office still. It's just silly to think they can stay.

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