• Yes, it surfaces when it's important.

    Yes, I believe "animal protection" is a term that becomes quite popular when politicians are divided on something such as a pipeline, or any other new venture that might have environmental impact. Once side wants a pipeline, the other side doesn't. The side that doesn't want the pipeline plays the animal protection card.

  • It's who will pay more.

    Yes, I believe that politics guides animal protection, because politicians will vote in the way that they think the people want them to vote, so that they can be reelected. The politicians do not really care about the animals. If the hunting or testing lobby will pay more than it's worth in voters, the politicians will vote against the animals.

  • Yes, I think politics guide animal protection.

    I think anytime it comes to passing environmental laws such as ones that protect certain animals it's all about who can get a politician to be able to influence others to vote on a bill protecting them, I think there is heavy political dealings in passing a law like that.

  • No They Don't

    I do not believe politics guide animal protection. I believe there are a lot of people who work in the field of animal protection and I think they set the precedents the guide animal protection. We do have laws protect some animals, but the people that seek to help these abused animals are the people who really take charge of animal protection.

  • No, politics don't guide animal protection.

    I do not think that the issue of animal protection is helped by the direction of politics. While I think that a lot of politicians and officials care about animal rights, I do not think a major part of their principles and beliefs are beneficial towards it. I do think that animal rights are important though.

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