• Earth is flat

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  • Canada needs people

    Canada's population is only a third of America's and that' scary. America has the highest GDP because of their population and ability to work and have more babies. Canada needs more population, To increase their economy and their general state. In addition, China has 10x the population than Canada and if Canada wants to compete with them, They have to bring in more people to support the economy and our country as a whole.

  • Per capita debt will shrink if population grows.

    The civil war cost $ 53 trillion in direct and indirect cost in today's dollars as a share of gdp, but population grew threefold in the next three generations (it was 30 million by 1860 and 100 million by 1920), so the burden of rebuilding the country and supporting the veterans who had fought the war in the 1860s was eventually spread over a much larger population. If the US population grows to 1 billion by 2077 it will be much easier for people who are toddlers today get a good pension when they retire.

  • Population growth in inevitable

    The average number of children in the world has frozen to 2,5. People don't need to stop having babies. Experts have predicted that world population will stop at 11 billion, and be constant from there on. Therefore, the question we should be asking is : How do we tackle this population growth ?

  • Go our world

    But do we have enough space?
    Will there have to be more cars so therefore less oil?
    In china it is hard for a male to start a family because there are many more women, so women also find it hard to find a male.
    In England we need more people to work for us

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  • Australia needs more people.

    Australia, being the size of Europe, is sustainable to support much more than 23 million. Immigration is the key to economic benefits within Australia, in this instance, it will create more jobs, provide a positive cash flow to the treasury of Australia and will allow Australia to develop more as a western nation.

  • It's all good

    More jobs, more progress, more people to talk to, win win.
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  • It's depends on the area of the country

    If it were a small country with a lot of population that's bad but if it's a big country with a great amount of population it's good as it can help economy to grow but overpopulation isn't a good thing.Countries like China are facing population problems , even though it is gradually decreasing

  • Yes oh yes

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  • Too many people

    Globar warming, Resources, Water, Overpopulation. . . Why this weird competitiveness in most countries? I mean who cares about some business/statistics of a country if everyone’s going to die in less than a few decades? Makes no sense. . . And if people really go in space or colonize Mars, You think they aren’t going to run out of space?

  • The more of us the poorer we become

    Finite resources fought over by more people, more pollution and water/land degradation that knows no borders, more environmentally caused migration, loss of habitat for non-human animals. We do not thrive in mega colonies. When personal space is restricted to a certain level, humans get stressed. We did not evolve to live in mega colonies as certain insects (hives, hills, mounds) and fish (schools) but lived for millennia in small groups with plenty of space. Even then, territorial fights were common, as noted in history -and religious books.

  • Already Enough People

    Go back 200 years ago, I'd say yes. Now that we've doubled it, keeping it growing is a bad thing. We struggle already with the resources we have too keep up with the people. Too much competition is bad thing. Wages have been near an all time low. Yes there will be some issues with taking care of the older people, but that will sort of fix itself out later on.

  • It's going to get too compacted

    The world is a certain size and at the moment we can hole everyone in it,but soon the world will be too small for all the people in it. By the second lots and lots of babies are made. How will us as people be able to provide for that many.

  • Less natural resources

    The more people in the world the less space. With all this space being taken up there is less space to be used for acquiring natural resources. And the more people the less natural resources, the resource that will most likely diminish first is oil due to all the cars.

  • In the long run is not good at all

    Solving aging and pension issues through population growth is not sustainable, it's just leaving the problem to someone else in the future. The very same problem of Aging population was caused by the excessive growth we have seen from the 50s (understanding by excessive anything higher to 2.5 births per woman), now you tell me that the solution is even more growth

  • Population growth in the era we live is not good anywhere in the world.

    The pressure inserted on earth by the current population of the world,has left no reason for more destructive people with their outrageous consumption patterns. Unrepairable damages has been imposed on earth to the extent that even if we correct our behaviour, we are going to extend our existence on earth just a little bit further. Who wouldn't want that short extra life?

  • Every1 die ok

    Earth die we die everything die ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok o f f f ff f f f f ff f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f STOP POPULATION

  • It's simple logic.

    Too much competition for jobs causes the pay to drop, additionally too much consumption causes the cost of goods to go up. These two things combined causes the overall standard of living to go down. It's very basic and simple, but the stupid people breeding like cockroaches in low income households have no concept of this so it continues to get worse.

  • We are running out of useable land and competing with other creatures

    Most of Madagascars forests have been chopped down in the last 80 years. Yes we have become better at producing high volumes of food but there is no magic scientific discovery for more land. The diversity of wildlife is reducing and our oceans are being emptied of fish. Not only more people but their needs for a western lifestyle and greater energy consumption is increasing.

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