• I believe President Obama.

    I believe President Obama. I think I would believe the President because of the decisions that he has already made. Edward Snowden did a decent job serving the United States in his position at the NSA but he also was a whistle-blower. I think Obama will continue to make the right decisions.

  • I believe Snowden

    Obama is a globalist who wants to introduce martial law and open border policies. Also, the person in power will nearly always cover up what the NSA (National Scumbag Association) has done wrong. P.S Obama can't even confirm that he was born in America. So therefore I think Snowden should be believed.

  • No, I believe Snowden.

    I think that in this case those in political power of whatever party are going to be trying to protect something that they have begun. What we need is more transparency in government and about its activities, so I believe that Snowden is telling us something that we need to know.

  • Edward Snowden told the truth.

    I believe Edward Snowden more than I believe President Obama, because Edward Snowden told the truth as he saw it. It is still questionable whether Snowden should have done what he did, because he betrayed the United States, but Obama tells lies and doesn't even care. Obama couldn't even tell the truth in his own biography. Snowden is more trustworthy.

  • I believe Snowden.

    I am not sure exactly what part of the scandal this is referring to, but overall I believe Snowden. This is because I think Snowden was genuinely trying to do something to protect the public. What the NSA was/is doing is illegal and ethically wrong. So, I think that Snowden is telling the truth about things.

  • I believe Edward Snowden

    I believe Edward Snowden before I believe President Obama. This is because President Obama is a politician. Politicians are absolutely notorious for lying. President Obama has been caught lying to the American public many times, and Edward Snowden is merely trying to spread the truth. This is why he should be believed.

  • Snowden Confirms Distrust in American Government

    Edward Snowden confirmed the fears of millions of Americans when he uncovered what his agency does on a daily basis. The NSA supposedly has been illegally monitoring electronic communications over email. The Obama Administration has tried to downplay the agency's methods by hosting top tech CEOs. It's become clear the NSA does whatever it wants in secret, regardless of privacy laws against unlimited spying.

  • I Believe Edward Snowden

    I believe Edward Snowden has revealed many truths about the NSA and our government's lack of concern for privacy. It has now become common place for our government to spy on all of us (citizens and other countries alike) without regard to how these individuals and entities feel about it.

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