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  • Privacy did not die in 2010

    I believe that privacy did not die in 2010. The privacy that lived before 2010 is and still remains the same as it was and will remain so. That is, before 2010, privacy was a "right" that was always limited, accessible to anyone under certain influences. After 2010, although there were easier and more means to access privacy, what privacy was defined as still continues to live. A bit confusing, sure, but privacy never died in 2010, nor will it as long as we define it as it is.

  • Privacy did not die in 2010.

    However, it is doing very poorly and as technology brings the entire world closer together and more easily monitored privacy as we know it will be an increasingly rare situation. Countermeasures are being invented by those most affected and new habits are being learned by ordinary people as they see the results of the invasion of privacy of others.

  • No, it privacy did not die in 2010.

    Privacy died far before 2010. The Government has been keeping tabs on information we didn't even think they had access to for a long time. To clarify though, privacy is a good and bad thing. To much privacy can lead to a person thinking they can get away with terrible things. On the other hand, to little privacy could potentially make a person lose a few screws. It's a very fine line.

  • Privacy has been dead a long time

    Privacy has been dead a long time, if it ever existed at all. Governments have been engaging in elaborate monitoring of communication and have employed citizen snitches for generations, if not for the majority of human history. There is no reason to think that it suddenly just died in 2010, when history shows that it has been getting walked all over for a long time now.

  • We still have it

    No, privacy did not die in 2010, we still have plenty of privacy today. If people would not put all of their news on social media, and keep things to themselves, then they have all the privacy that they would ever need. No one is taking it from us at all.

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