• Yes, I think professional sports should crack down on drug use.

    I think professional athletes are held as role models in their communities and to be seen doing drugs send the wrong message to the impersonal children that watch them, also using performance enhancing drugs to artificially set records shouldn't be allowed either, I think professional sports leagues should come down hard on drug users.

  • It's not enforced.

    Yes, I believe that professional sports should crack down on drug use, because cheating is still very widespread in the sports industry. Lance Armstrong's cheating was not detected for years. Even so, he is very apologetic. We all also know that half of baseball players are cheating at any given time.

  • Yes, that sould not be a question.

    Sports in the world are being filled with cheaters and drug users all over the place. It is ruining the name of the game, the history of the game, and the fans experience with the game. No one wants to see a bunch of cheaters hit home runs in this day in age.

  • Crack down on drugs

    Sports teams should crack down on drug use for several reasons. It does harm to the athletes that use them and it sets a bad example of kids that look up to these athletes and consider them heroes. The athletes are in the public eye so everything they do is hard to hide and the public will find out.

  • not at all

    No, when we watch a sport, we want to see the best players that we can, and the players that take a drug are going to be a whole lot better than those that do not. I think that it is okay to just let them go and do it.

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