Do you believe professors should be able to carry firearms on campus to increase security and reduce violence?

  • More guns in the general area = hard target for a killer

    Mass shooters look for soft targets, people that can't or won't be able to defend themselves. If people in the area might be armed, a mass shooter is less likely to pick that area to commit the crime. Allowing concealed carry will harden the targeted area (campus) and deter a potential mass shooter. Military bases are soft targets, since they do not allow Soldiers to conceal carry or open carry any weapons on post. Schools are "gun free" zones. Why have we legislated these soft targets into existence by making them "gun free" zones, where only the law abiding are 'abiding'.

  • Yes, professors should be able to carry firearms.

    I definitely think that professors should be able to carry firearms to increase security and reduce violence. I think that if more professors were trained and able to carry firearms, there would be a reduction of violence and crimes on college campuses. I also think that it is something that would make people feel safe.

  • Too many deaths.

    Yes, I believe that professors should be able to carry firearms on campus in order to increase security and reduce violence, because there was one professor at Virginia Tech who was a Holocaust survivor, who then died at the hands of gun violence on campus. We have to let them fight back.

  • More guns will just lead to violence

    Guns should not even be allowed into our society, as they are weapons of destruction that will bring more violence and needless deaths. If there were more strict gun restrictions, then there wouldn't be people with guns who have malintent. Where do you think the criminals get their guns in the first place? If professors are allowed firearms, we will be submitting our failure as a society to bestow good morals to our children due to bad education. No, don't combat violence with more violence, but with understanding and awareness.

    Posted by: Mbhn
  • Train the human to not need a gun.

    If a situation comes down to needing a gun, something has gone terribly wrong. You should never rely solely on being armed to protect yourself when you can take other preventive measures. Train people to be able to spot something think about violence. A violent confrontation always builds from nothing, so train yourself to see the signs.

  • No, not at all.

    When you look at some of the mass shootings in the United States, when has an armed person ever stopped it from happening? It even took place on a military base. The United States is the most weaponized country in the world and also has the most mass shootings. Coincidence? No.

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