• Psychics are can be helpful members of society

    Psychics, like homeopaths, can be helpful and productive members of a society if they ever decide to stop preying on the gullible and desperate and sought out gainful employment. There's no shame in bussing tables, washing dishes, or flipping burgers and psychics could do a little less mystical waving and try giving back to society.

  • Yes, if heeded wisely.

    A true psychic is not a neon sign fortune teller but is rather someone who has more senses open to levels of reality most of us are not aware of. He or she can have some valuable information for us, but it is mostly for helping us to make our own wise decisions, not telling us what to do or charging excessive prices.

  • Psychics are often low budget psychologists

    Psychics, real or not, will often read people and their needs, then provide positive advice. Fake psychics will implant broad declarations like "you will become angry with a man who has power over you." Then, give the person a reaction that would be best in the situation: "Do not succumb to this anger, for it will turn against you. The powerful man will get what he deserves soon enough." Now, the person transplants this prediction into any situation where some man makes her angry but later gets punished. This is not a difficult prediction to fulfill.

  • Psychics are not useful

    From my personal experience, psychics are not really useful. They do try to help out people and predict what might happen or who they may encounter, or whatever it may be. Fro the most part, psychics practice a black art magic or whatever you can call it that is not really precise or accurate, therefore they are giving false information to many people. They do have a right to practice their magic.

  • Psychics are frauds.

    There is absolutely no evidence that psychics can speak to the dead, see the past or present, or make any sort of prediction. In fact, many psychics have now come out and admitted that they were frauds all along, just tricking people and making money. Never go to a psychic.

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