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  • She's public enemy number one for Europe.

    If Clinton gets into office she will be public enemy number one and Merkel number two. If Hillary and Angela become best friends Merkel could end up as number one public enemy.

    Many people in Europe say she (Merkel) is trying to achieve what Hitler wasn't able to do, have Germany swallow up all of Europe. He wanted Deutschland uber alles (needs .. Above u, don't have that letter).

  • Her actions are helping.

    No I do not. Chancellor Angela Merkel is doing things to support her own country, and to advance its economic interests. This is exactly the same as America's leaders are doing. A strong Germany is good competition for America and supplies many useful products. Her policies are good for America.

  • No, not at all.

    I think public enemy number one for the United States of America is the entire North Korean government and, in particular, Kim Jong Un. Not only do they hold our citizens captive for no reason at all, but they treat their own people like they are lowly peasants undeserving of even a simple meal.

  • No She's Not

    I do not believe public enemy number one for America is Chancellor Angela Merkel. Merkel has simply been speaking out against the programs of the NSA and I don't blame her for that at all. If I were in here position I would do the exact same thing. The United States made a mistake and their not apologizing for it or even rolling back the programs. We shouldn't consider her an enemy when she simply expects some privacy.

  • Angela Merkel is not the number on enemy of the U.S.

    Though sometimes German policy does not align with U.S. interests, the German premier leads a government that is broadly in alliance with America on all issues. The U.S. does however have a number of enemies in the world who are actively trying to undermine the country, such as Russia's Vladimir Putin.

  • No, I don't think Angela Merkel is public enemy number one for America.

    Germany is widely considered a good ally of the United States at the current time so I don't think that most Americans consider Angela Merkel public enemy number one, I think most Americans are most concerned with radical terrorists in the Middle East organizing to do something like the September 11th attacks again.

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