• Yes it does

    Ok look people if you push the elevator button more than once it could make the elevator go much faster and you could get there early and not be fired from your job ok ok ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok bye bye

  • Possible anything is

    Yes if you have psychic abilities and know how to use them keep thinking up up up! Of course if easily frustrated and fidgety it won’t work unless your iPhone is connected to the elevator device the two of you can rig it some way and make it speed up wishful thinking

  • Yah it does

    It definitely does go faster cuz if you press the elvator button 1000000000 times then its gonna go so much faster that you will get there in 0.001 seconds cuz thats how awesome it is and if everyone did i t then no one would be late for work :)

  • No, it doesn't.

    You only have to press the elevator button once to send the signal for the elevator to go. Continuing to press the button over and over again, does nothing. Maybe there is some sort of placebo effect for making an elevator go faster though? It doesn't make much sense at all.

  • No, there is only one switch per button.

    Each button on an elevator has only one switch by which it is activated. Pushing an elevator button more than once does not trigger multiple switches within the button to activate more quickly. Once the switch has been triggered nothing will make it go faster except pushing the "close door" button, and even then I don't think it actually speeds anything up.

  • Not even almost

    No there is no truth to pushing the button multiple times on an elevator is going to speed it up. It is possible that the second hit could close the door on the elevator but it is not going to make the elevator go any faster. That is just a myth.

  • Pushing the button more than once doesn't matter.

    Pushing the elevator more than once doesn't make it go faster. It takes time for it to start moving and pushing the button more doesn't change how long that takes. The number of times you push the button does not effect how slow or fast it goes unless maybe you push it too many times and it causes the computer to freeze and maybe go slower.

  • No It Doesn't

    I do not believe pushing the elevator button more than once, makes it go faster. Doing this is simply an outward expression of frustration or impatience. While it may help the brain deal with the fact that the elevator will take the same amount of time regardless of the users action, it does not make it go faster.

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