• Yes it does

    yes, I think that all of the races of the world came about through evolution, and that is why we look as different as we do. I think that there is a lot of science behind this, and that we need to do a lot of research to understand it.

  • Yes, race has a background in science.

    I believe that the reason there are different races today is due to the migration of some groups of people to different parts of the world. Scientific theory suggests that some people may have also mated with a different species as well, which led to an even more differing of some of the races' backgrounds.

  • No,I do not believe that race has a background in science.

    No,i do not believe that race has a background in science.When one chooses to look at it in a totally objective way it can easily be seen that race has nothing to do with science and that it is totally a historical and social construct,One can be considered black in one culture and country and white in a different one.If it was scientifically based then the person would be the same no matter where they went.

  • No, probably not.

    Race is a construct that we have devised in order to explain why people look different from each other and seem to live in groups with various habits and customs. So there is no firm scientific reason to divide humans up into races that are hard and fast categories and now intermarriage is blurring the lines even more.

  • No, it doesn't.

    There are genetic differences between people of different "races", but not enough to give it a background in science. We all share basically the same DNA. There isn't enough of a difference to consider everyone a specific species or race. And the more we know this the better we will get along.

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