• Racial quotas are unconstitutional and illegal.

    Today, Racial quotas do more harm than good. I witness the harm every day. In the 60s - 90s, Racial quotas did more good than harm by allowing minorities an opportunity to get their 'foot in the door' of social establishments. It's that simple. Time for US to defer back to the constitution. That all people are equal and thus should be given equal opportunity to pursue happiness.

  • Racial quotas are racism as a public policy which is obviously wrong

    The argument for it always seems to be the case that racism only matters if it is not against white people. The idea that people should be hired because of race: a racial quota: is simply wrong. It harms society because it means that the more able are held back: certainly those without connections and wealth if they happen to be white. It also eliminates the concept that people should be responsible for their own actions, it means that this matters less to non whites because a quota will be there to aid non-white people.

  • Quotas bring mediocrity

    In order to continue progressing, the best and brightest, most creative and skilled, should be given first choice. This is true in industry and should be true in education. As a supervisor, working with people that needed constant training consumed valuable time, cost and loss of product. I would have fired these people but quotas prevented this.

  • Racial Quotas Are a Form of Discrimination

    Racial quotas are a form of discrimination against potentially better and more qualified individuals. Race should not be a factor one way or another in applying for jobs or school because it undercuts the idea of hiring the best person for the job. Taking opportunities away from individuals may increase racial tension due to jealousy of opportunity.

  • Yes, I believe they have served their purpose.

    I believe racial quotas have served their original purpose and need to be eliminated. We need to hire people based on their ability to perform a job and be the right fit for the company. I think we need to stop putting so much emphasis on race and just start being people.

  • Yes, because eventually it won't even matter.

    This country is becoming far too diverse to have any set of quotas to meet, especially in terms of race and ethnicity. Pretty soon, white may be a minority and then will we have to eliminate quotas. There is no way this diverse country can possibly set a standard for number of faces of a certain race.

  • Racial Quoatas Should Not Be Eliminated

    No, racial quoatas in employment should not be eliminated. As we do not yet live in a post-racial society, racial quoatas are needed in order to ensure that everyone has a fair chair in American society. Without such quotas, it would be easy for someone to discriminate on the basis of race.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe racial quotas should be eliminated because I honestly don't think we are ready to do so. I believe America still has racial issues that surface from time to time and I think we are still benefiting from leaving these quotas in place. There is a possibility that they will always be needed.

  • They should not

    No, I do not think that any of the racial quotas need to be taken out of todays society. I think that racism is a good thing, and that it pushes minority groups to try harder, and that it gives whites a sense of pride to know they are the best.

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